Fade-out effect for dead bodies

Is there any (QuakeSpasm compatible) mod anywhere to make the bodies of dead enemies disappear after a while? Personally, I hate having to run around in a map with dozens of littered corpses everywhere, and it’s even worse when a monster dies on a slanted floor or a ledge and stays in there floating in midair, especially if the monster in question happens to be a big lump like a Shambler. I think Arcane Dimensions makes gibbed enemies fade out after a while, it’s a neat effect but it seems to be restricted to gibs, plus I was thinking more of classic, non AD maps.

I recall one of the mods on Seven’s small mod compillation has that option, but i think you will need to make some small tweaks to make i work on Quakespasm, and this kind of featues can break some maps and the player won’t notice.

If not, the AD mod copied that feature from Quoth expansion set, which can make the whole bodies disappear, but the maps have to be for Quoth and while the option is on by default several mappers do not like that and leave it off.