file request (aop multiple archives)

any chance for me to get these files that were once on quaddicted uploaded for me? (that was back in June '99 approx)

they should also be know as and, they’re just multiple archives for Abyss of Pandemonium. I’d just like to have them for my own archivial purpose.

this file also went disappearing afaik, it’s the update to v1.10 that was removed from the site. maybe someone still has it?

even a file sharing is more than welcome incase they’re not supposed to fit anywhere on the site’s database.

thanks in advance!

Show me some original URLs to those files in and I might be able to find them.


this website had one of the links that directed to your website. think the files might have just been (or and in quaddicted’s filebase, if you ever had both files stored there.
you can see the link in the “Aop2: Abyss of Pandemonium Episode 2” header description
on this page it has just the link that once directed to barrysworld’s ftp

this other website has links that were once provided by Impel’s actual page (, and files are named as b, c and d, like mentioned in my first post. they’re the ones hosted on cdrom’s ftp, a mirror used by impel.

actual links from quaddicted stored pages can’t be found in the wayback archive because the direct links, aswell as their respective pages, are too old (circa June '99, if not mid '98 when the release was actually issued)…*/

this page had the direct link for the update to v1.10, but the link is dead.

an early website for impel, but the files aren’t there

not sure if that’s of any help, but that’s all the info I can provide.

Yeah, going down the same path right now. Looking for abyss-x86-up110.exe!

Sorry I must have forgotten back then.

Thank you for finding!

Also went down a rabbit-hole where we discovered different builds of Juggernaut (for Quake II). If you know anything about this I’d love to know - otherwise I will attempt to dig as far as I can go and figure out what went down there.

I will continue looking for more impel downloads too.

Here is my file dump of Abyss of Pandemonium. I got the aopv105{a,b,c,d}.zip files and stuff there.
Did you know that there’s two versions of AOPV105A.ZIP? The only difference is a WWW URL correction in the license file.
Still looking for abyss-x86-up110.exe and the aop1,2,3,4 originals. Will keep posted!

Here is planetquake/teamshambler/ for you

Also discovered that was publicly linked on so

thank you for all the help spirit!!!

looking for a few Navy Seals files this time around.
here’s what we could find, of where they’d been (and their filenames).
if anyone has ANY of these, that’d be incredible. we already went through discmaster and the archiveteam logs I have stored locally

1.71 (we have 1.711):*/*


1.811 was mentioned here:

1.91: < Presumed, est. from verified links


2.0 Multiplayer patch:

2.2 (Post Gooseman era):

2.2 GL Upgrade:

We’re also going to try emailing Blue about it, if he’s got any of the files he hosted backed up somewhere

Nothing in my archives unfortunately. No /qca/ in my PlanetQuake archive at all. :open_mouth:

No worries, always worth double checking with you! :smiley:
I know now that /qca/ was renamed to /quakec/ at one point (e.g. idgames2/quakec/weapons/navy1711 ) but that’s about it.
We haven’t heard back from Blue, if I get any reply at all I’ll let you all know in this thread


I had looked for the filenames too with no luck.