First post, Cobalt [ Intro ]

Hi Quake people !

I see some familiar names here from some of the other sites doing Q1 stuff , and since I decided to leave them because of various issues, I remembered I registered here in 2013 and never posted. BTW, guessing what year this site was made , was hard! Anyhow I plan to try using this site as another resource to help with my modding and Quake knowledge. It seems more dedicated to mapping which is ok, because one of my projects is converting the Original ID maps to Q3 bsp type so that the collisions the engine calculates are improved. I strictly use Darkplaces as my main engine now, and my main mod is called: Tekbotctf+ ] which is based on the old CTFBOT+ mod from way back in 1999. I also took over an old Q1 Mod called Quake 1 Arena originally made by Electro, and I have done various improvements as well as made it a Darkplaces engine only mod.

I also have made some videos about my work on utube:

So with that I believe I qualify as “addicted” , and if there is any interest here in opening a Quake C coding forum Id be glad to head that up as I have alot of knowledge on the subject, and I like throwing out ideas for code improvements I have come up with over the years and also the lost art of “helping new people” which is at an all new low of “absolute 0” on the other forums I use to be on - which is the worst thing any site can ever do is ignore new people, or like I have seen, come after an already established member for trying to help the newcomer. If Quake does die, I believe this will be the eventual cause.

Hey bloke!

I totally understand your feelings regarding a certain part of the community and it’s a real shame. I love Quake to bits and I play it all the time. I’m a Quake player, that is I don’t map or code. I just love playing the game and enjoying other peoples creations. As a result I often feel left in the cold. There doesn’t seem to be much room for people who just want to play who also sometimes need help to get things running.

Anyway, I signed up over here too in the hopes of finding a more positive forum too. It’s a pity there doesn’t seem to be too much activity though… It’s not lost on me that you state the worst thing is to ignore new people and there hasn’t been a single reply to your post in a month! :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, I felt the urge to say hello and hope you stay around and share some more of your work. :slight_smile:


Yes, its unfortunate the “Spirit” of quake is diminishing… :slight_smile: However there is a Spirit here trying hard with this site to make a difference, so thats a good thing.

Quake players like you are definitely important. You likely could be a skilled Beta tester for others offering mods that may have bugs for example. The feedback from a basic Quake player is quite important and ought not be ignored.

I did just today start a new Quake C coding email list, and I am trying to get some experienced coders to get on it but its tough. Im still coding Q1 Arena and making slow progress with it. I have a Darkplaces server runing the mod online but its private invite only. If you wanna check it out contact me through my website: , you might enjoy some DM versus the Frikbots in a Q3 Arena style setting.