Fish King Castle

Hi! my name is Ido and I am currently studying level design. As part of a school project I had to make a level with trenchbroom for quake.
The level is not super long so feel free to give it a go!

Feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy the level ;D
Here is the download link to my level (Updated)

Not a bad level at all but a few things stand out. Right at the beginning, I didn’t run out of ammo but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did. An extra box or two of shotgun ammo at the start wouldn’t hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the secret biosuit doesn’t feel like its the most useful where its at. Finding it early sort of pushes the player to using it and going swimming in the moat immediately, but that skips a big part of the beginning. Then when I wanted to explore the beginning areas more I had to swim back and open the bridge from the other side (unless there was a way to open the bridge from the castle side?). I liked the trap of the ground opening up with the ogre after you open the bridge.

Also at the top of tower, you can no longer see the castle through the window, when it really seems like you should.

The main hall area was very cool, both visuals and gameplay. It was a fun challenge to try to get across the catwalks with boxes and holes in the way, and the walkways forcing me closer to the zombies trying to hit me. Of course I fell and then had a very frantic fight with the fiends.

I thought there were misaligned textures in the stair room but that was just a clue to a secret, so good job. I don’t know why but I always enjoy that kind of secret.

The fish king on his throne was very funny, but the level ends before I get to dethrone him? Or maybe there’s a way and I missed it. I want to kill that fish!

All in all a solid level, with some things that could be ironed out. Good job