Friendly take-over of

You might have noticed that had gone down a while ago after a very long period of not being functional anymore due to a broken forum. was the home of the classic Quake modding scene with a fantastic forum after was lost to domain squatters.

Thanks to FrikaC and help from scar3crow the domain is now owned by me and I also received a full backup of the site. I will see to fix the security issues that led to the shutdown and get it back online some time this year. Please poke me repeatedly and constantly if it takes to long, I’d like to avoid another broken promise like (that would be super easy for others to help out with, just assemble old archives and go). I’ll reach out for help for the recovery if needed and we will definitely need active people to take care of the site afterwards.

Let’s hope the forum can be revived!

Congratulations on your new expansion! More power, more responsibility.

Happy to see this. It was sad to see the site having fallen by the wayside over the past few years and I kept wondering if it was going to just disappear altogether, so I’m glad that it ended up getting saved.

I really hope I can find others to take over those roles after I got it running :}

What good are holidays if there isn’t some Quake stuff, so I got both forum and news running already on a private server.

For the forum we will need someone to either to port to the latest phpbb or create a new style.

For the news has a similar problem of not being maintained anymore. It works but with warnings. I think I can handle those for now though.

I fixed those warnings so the news page is ready.

Both news page, hosted directories and forum are back (and fully functional I hope).

Currently there is a password protection in front of them, the credentials are kb7K8 - i20923l8zi"ä")97z816, you can use these links to directly enter the sites:


If you spot any issues, please contact me immediately.

All account passwords have been reset and you have to choose a new one before you can log in.

The forum topics look very advanced, but also rather niche.

Password protection has been removed , I hope everything is fine.