Func is down but all is well [Update: it's back up]

Everyone’s favourite's server is down for the time being. All is fine with it though and it will be back. PSA over.

[Update: Func_Msgboard is up and running again!]

Quaketastic is down, too.

Thank you for the info Spirit. I was beginning to get worried about Func being down.

Thanks for the PSA!

As a bonus I feel extra smart for knowing to check here.

I was concerned, now i´m not anymore…

Thanks Spirit!

Thanks Spirit for let me know, I was wondering what had happened to Func. Any news when it will be back? or do we all need to find a new Quake forum home?

Should be back this week. :slight_smile:


i never noticed how often i visited func till now. :slight_smile:

Also down:

Edit: False alarm. Must have been a temporary hiccup.

Not for me, stop frightening me. Did anyone contact Willem about quaketastic?

Ahhhh Panic!!!
func and quaketastic in the same week!

“send lawyers guns and money”

necros: I agree. func is one of my routine stops.

So what is the new IP of func? DNS propagation is either megaslow or something is malfunctioning.


Saying like theres sth. broken?

Hm, from what I know the red entries on that page are nothing major. Weird!

Is everyone but me able to reach it?

Nope, I see the message about the DNS not being refreshed as well.

Sleepy added the message when he transfered the board to another server, but metl didn’t have a chance to update the DNS, yet. Still going to be a few hours until it’s done.

I’m still seeing the DNS warning, surely it should be updated by now?

Yeah it has, so that’s a bit odd. Have you already tried flushing your DNS to see if that helps?

Dohhhhh… I had the old IP in /etc/hosts, presumably from some now long forgotten screw up.