Fundraising for 2014

In the and I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the contributors again.

The plan was to migrate Quaddicted to a bigger server. While did I rent that server, it was and still is occupied with about 950GB files from the Fileplanet archival. During the year I meant to do the switch anyways but then some fantastic new server offers came online: 25€ per month for 2 terabytes of storage and i5 processor would have meant I could host the ftp2 Fileplanet stuff and still have 1TB for everything else. The processor would have allowed for capturing Quake demos to video files on the server! So I decided to get that one. Unfortunately I waited too long and they sold out. And since then, OVH has not provided the new line of servers. I still want a server like that.

Now, what does this mean. Quaddicted remained on its old server (15-16€ per month) and I spent money on the other (meant to be new home) server (18-19€ per month).


So… if the 25€ super server or a similarly priced, similarly powerful alternative returns, I would end both current servers and switch. 12 months x 25€ is 300€. If the server offer does not come back, I would probably be keeping both servers alive as time for a migration is getting short this year. In that case expenses would be (16+19)€ x 12 months = 420€. So let’s make that dope number the target this year. More than twice than last year but I hope I made the issue somewhat understandable. Of course I [em]might[/em] just spend it all on booze and girls. Any extra means last year’s extra expenses are getting covered.

]You can donate via to spirit|quaddicted|com (just click the link)/]
]You can mail me for bank transfer details (I am in Germany)/]
]You can also send Bitcoin to 1FVBfvHCkXD6ocTxWpvwGVrEpvw6j7Jpby/]
]You can also send]

I actually meant to add a Bitcoin donations/microtransaction feature to Quaddicted in ~2010 but decided against it because of the public nature of transactions and the necessity to either mine in a pool or buy them for “real money”. I still find those aspects a major problem with it but hey, I could be a gazillionaire today (or with the same probability married to my highschool crush). So if you made a gambling fortune, think about how many you would have given back then. :wink: :wink: cleans nose

Now, enough talk about money. What [em]really[/em] keeps this site going are your contributions on the website itself. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


PS: If someone here has experience with Docker or a similar Linux container solution, I would be very interested in some help. It sounds like a perfect idea for Quaddicted.

If you have a well-sorted and big collection of mods (in their original files), please comment!

If you have great webdesign skills and want to turn this site into something more fancy, please contact me!

Sent you 6 euros to your paypal, not a huge amount I know, but I now have £0.95p in there loolz

Thanks Ricky!

Already more than 50% funded, it is amazing!!

More than 80% in 12 hours, I am a bit scared right now.

Thank you!

And we are done. Slightly overshot the target even. Wow.

Big thanks to all supporters!

Yay, they fell for it! Have you picked a flight yet?

edit: Oh noes, this was supposed to be a private message to negke!


Congratulations! Glad I could be of help, even if that was only because of OCD ;—)

I have ordered a new server. It was a special offer for 20€ monthly which I thought I’d try. Intel i3 540, 4GB RAM, 2x1TB space, 1GBit/s network. I decided to have it with Proxmox to play with containers and virtual machines but so far that does not seem like it was the greatest idea. If someone has experience with that and wants to help, please mail me. I only have one external IP which seems to be a problem. :frowning:

At the moment I am transferring the ~1TB Fileplanet stuff onto the one disc so I can cancel the other server.

You just got another 50 EUR. You may not need it any more by now, but you deserve. Quaddicted is an amazing site and needs to remain alive. Keep it going!

Thank you so very much!

I managed to get a webserver running inside a container now so all seems good with that server. It is about 3 times as fast as the current one when looking at the map review list.

Quick heads up: The second old server has expired now. Fileplanet stuff is on the new one. Still had no time to move though.

Half-year finances update!

Thanks to the incredibly generous donations we are in great standing.

The OVH server is no more, so 16 € less expenses per month. I am now running everything on a super nice 20 € per month server.

I own the domains, and
DNS and privacy on the whois records is 1 US cent per domain per day each. That makes 1.30 € per month.
The domain registration itself costs 9.49 USD per year, so about 1.80 € per month.

This totals to about 23 € expenses per month. Let’s graph that!


I also bought some crappy shovelware to rip and share but didn’t include in the graph due to laziness. :slight_smile:

Try to use Digital Ocean.
60 bucks per year on cheapest configuration with 20GB SSD and 1 TB traffic per month.
Of course if size of your data fits into their plans.

That’s 1980 gigabytes less on the disk than what we have now. :wink:
The current server is perfect. Huge, powerful and still cheap.