Fundraising for 2017

Hey you lovely people!

The server is a bit of a weirdo at the moment, it seems like one of the harddisks has trouble and I am trying to migrate the backups before fixing it. This takes a while as the bad harddisk only reads at <1MB/s at the moment, gah! If we have to move to a new server, I will pay the possible (low) fees myself, don’t worry. Anyways, that’s just why the server is on and off at the moment. Nothing to worry about I think. My local backups are older than they should though whistle

In the meantime, if you want and feel like it and have the means to do so, you can chip in for the 2017 hosting fund as usual. The hosting costs are still ~36 Euro per month plus the domains so again we aim at 460 Euros. No fancy image on the frontpage this year, can’t be arsed.

]You can donate via to spirit|quaddicted|com (just click the link), I think there is a way to get around fees by saying it is for a friend?/]
]You can mail me at spirit|quaddicted|com for bank transfer details (I am in Germany), I highly prefer this option if it gets us around fees./]

No empty promises for next year. I did not care much about Quake this year, the backlog of things to-do and mails to reply is long and I don’t see much happening in 2017. I do fancy using for distribute hosting, so if that tickles anyone’s curiosity, let’s collaborate! This could enable anyone to ensure that their favorite archives are held redundant and available.

All the best to you and enjoy the holidays, Spirit

PS: On the topic of cool technology like IPFS that I (want to) play with and maybe you want to too: Check out,,,,,,,,,

Happy to help fuel the Quake.

Happy New Year!

155/460 already, thank you guys!

Happy new year to you too, bluoouhuohburugh!

246/460 <3

*** 276/460! ***

426/460! Last chance :wink:

Sorry Spirit, I’m kinda broke. You should really consider dropping that hugely overpriced host and get a more decent one, as discussed last month at Func_.

No worries, others have filled the bucket already. Thank you!

I am not visiting func anymore, what was discussed about Quaddicted’s host there? It is incredibly cheap for what I am getting and I am not going to ditch it. You might not realise but this server pushes terabytes and terabytes of archival data between this and there.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, SPIRIT! Sorry that I missed the fundraiser this time. I will be sure to contribute next time. Thanks!

Or maybe it was QuakeOne? Dunno, I just browsed the Quaddicted thread at Func_ and couldn’t find the discussion again. Basically, people felt like your host was vastly overpriced and that you could have the same service for much cheaper.

Shout if you find it but I doubt you can find a cheaper host at the same quality. This is a i7-3770 with 16GB RAM, 6TB HDD on virtually unmetered 1 gbit/s.

Thanks for supporting Quaddicted, everyone.

570! Gonna buy a new leash and string for negke!


I bought a sealed copy of Deathmatch Maker for 30€ for ripping and scanning, will buy a suitable CD/DVD drive for <10€ next.

Don’t openly admit to squandering the donations! Do it discreetly like in the previous years. Lots of new Linux gadgets waiting to be bought…

Also bought some more shovelware =)

And ordered the replacement server for 2€ less per month. \o/

If you can read this, you are looking at Quaddicted on the new server. Please report any issues.

Quake Injector is failing with a ‘Database parsing failed!’ message (HTTP exception).

Thanks! Could you try if alpha03 works for you?

Another issue is that the idgames mirroring is broken at the moment.

[quote=Spirit]Thanks! Could you try if alpha03 works for you?

Another issue is that the idgames mirroring is broken at the moment.[/quote]

Yes Quake Injector Alpha 3 does work and even when using offline mode, however it doesn’t store online/offline mode in the configuration file.
Thanks Spirit.