Fundraising for 2018

Hey you relatable weirdos!

You can see what last year’s funds were spent on in, let’s see if we can community fund a Quake hobby:

]New: Since recurring crowdfunding is so hip nowadays, I set up a liberapay page: Liberapay is a free and open-source, non-profit organisation that let’s you load money into your account and then distribute it as you want./]
]You can donate via to spirit|quaddicted|com (just click the link), I think there is a way to get around fees by saying it is for a friend?/]
]You can mail me at spirit|quaddicted|com for bank transfer details (I am in Germany), but please consider if liberapay is a viable option for you/]

Again, no empty promises for what might come next year… :} The backlog of things to-do and mails to reply is long enough…

Contributions > Money, how about a Quake Wiki content sprint?

All the best to you and enjoy the holidays, Spirit


Done! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

And we are at 70€!

170€ :open_mouth:

€182.05 :smiley:

€217.05 \o/

€232.05 ?