Funny Offtopic!

This thread is primarily meant to share funny videos and pictures, nothing depressing - also it should ideally be offtopic in ‘Quake’ terms.

Oh, man, You just opened Pandora`s box…

I do not post first but rather wait whether the topic is accepted. If it does not fit the forum, I can just delete it or let it hang like that.

Fuck it, lets just go with it. This is a classic.

Hard to tell how much true is it but certainly it is pretty funny.

I guess “maximum speed” moment refers to default speed of movement.

This site is not a place for Joe Rogan or similar speaders of misinformation. And I don’t think that we should have debates on societal issues here.

If you keep this topic light, innocent and devoid of memes, sure, why not have such a section. But I will not allow this site to contribute to the madness that has grabbed too many parts of the internet.

The site has a clear focus and that is Quake. Let’s not risk getting into fights about crap.

Okay, then just delete it.

Thanks for your understanding! I removed those posts.