Happy Halloween

A mysterious stranger over at /vr/ https://desuarchive.org/vr/thread/7041037#p7041102 the original .LBM textures for Quake.
I have split the previously unseen textures into wads. The goods: http://www.quaketastic.com/files/texture_wads/id_unused.zip

Around 50 (of 400) were previously also a part of tim.wad & dm7.bsp (both ripped from Quake Arcade). Two textures (rock2_1, rock2_2) were in tim.wad but aren’t among the .LBMs, so I’ve included them for completeness.

The overlaps between medieval/metal/wizard sometimes get in the way. So for anyone interested, http://www.quaketastic.com/files/texture_wads/id_by_mat.zip are all the official textures, without duplicates, split by material rather than theme (kind of). Just don’t expect to be able to compile existing maps with these. I’ve included id-style skips as well.

Aside from that…
Here are some rewritten FGDs: for http://www.quaketastic.com/files/tools/vrQuake.fgd and http://www.quaketastic.com/files/tools/vrQuoth2.fgd. Fixed some decades-old typos and omissions, added the new bsp/light stuff.

That is pretty cool!

Always nice and interesting to check out the old unused or discarded assets or previous versions.

Next year is Quake 25th anniversary, here’s hoping someone would ‘release’ more unused assets and/or concept art. Maybe Romero himself? Sort of like he posted some ‘missing’ monster rotation sprites and other unused Doom graphics a while ago. Hell, I’ll take anything, even those numerous test maps McGee was making for Carmack.

I wonder if someone still has somewhere the sounds in good quality laying around. Or even better, the unused or work-in-progress sounds, would be interesting to check those as well, considering some interesting ways they were trying to create them, if the stories like smashing watermelons with hammer are true, of course.

This is extremely good!!

Fucking cool. Hopefully they can be added to the index of wads here.

“been digging through the Q1 sources posted earlier in the thread, picking out unused textures. gonna post on quaddicted in a couple hours, probably.”

^ I don’t know how to navigate through 4chan, is there a link to these “Q1 sources” you speak of?

This is really weird, we were just talking about those unreleased textures the other day. I emailed the guy who put the megaWAD together, and he said they came from ValveArchive somewhere.

It’s on anonfiles, if you follow the first link in this thread. http://www.quaketastic.com/files/misc/happy_halloween.rar.
I guess the textures come from some Valve leak then? If anyone’s in the know, getting hipnotic and rogue originals in addition to id1 would be great.

Thanks! I uploaded it to https://www.quaddicted.com/files/wads/ and made montages.

Awesome. Thanks.
I was thinking about fixing up/finishing some of these textures, even though I would probably never use them myself. I was messing with some of the grass/stone ones from tim.wad a while back.

Wow, lots of neat tidbits in here. Always awesome to see the creative process.
Nailboxes without NIN branding :o

Huh, I looked at the raw files and didn’t notice that.

I did a few things with that unfinished blood painting:

Not fantastic, so I tried making something a little more custom, out of uwall1_1

But it really doesn’t look too bad plastered over just about anything you want:

Most of these aren’t in 256 color though, I don’t have the right tools on this machine, I just slapped them together in GIMP real quick.

Hmm, so is this texture WAD set missing some of the textures from the source pack, or is it my Hipnotic.wad that’s missing textures?
Just from the Base set, I couldn’t find afloor01_3, blood01_2, symbol02_2, or symbol10_2 anywhere. No DOOM textures either (probably for obvious reasons), nor the beta slipgate textures.
The +0sliptop/bot source textures (animated fan) are actually overwritten by the texture that appears in the final release of the game, as is the *lava1 texture (quick DOOM port), so those have to be obtained from other sources.

Interestingly, there are quite a few textures in the final game that are not found in these source files. Just looking at the Base textures, door02_1 isn’t here (the side of the base door), nor are any of the “twall” textures (the half-size tech walls). Would’ve been cool to see more of those, since everybody loves the Base textures so much :slight_smile: Oh well.

Haven’t gone through the other sets as thoroughly yet…it’s a little harder, because they’re a lot less organized. They share a lot of the same textures, and a lot of those textures ended up having changed and/or conflicting names in the final game.

Hmm, you know what? I don’t see any sky textures in here, either. Would’ve been neat to see if there were more than just three (obviously, “sky4” means that it’s highly likely). I’ve been reading Carmack’s .plan files recently, and he was thinking about adding support for more than one sky per map. Possibly for teleports?

afloor1_3 - used in quake, source in MEDIEVAL/AFLOOR1.LBM, present in id_by_mat/id_stone.wad
blood1_2 - used in hipnotic, source in BASE/BLOOD01.LBM, present in id_by_mat/id_base.wad
sym02_2 - used in hipnotic, source in BASE/SYMBOL02.LBM, present in id_by_mat/id_base.wad
sym10_2 - used in hipnotic, source in BASE/SYMBOL10.LBM, present in id_by_mat/id_base.wad
door02_1 - used in quake, source in BASE/DOOR02.LBM, present in id_by_mats/id_stone.wad (my bad!)
twall* - used in quake (twall4_1 in hipnotic), are not in the sources, present in id_by_mat/id_base.wad

I don’t think the reused Doom textures are of any value, really. Just some temp/test textures. The work-in-progress “building blocks” are more interesting, but not as actual usable textures.
MIDTEST is curious for how a fence testing texture was used in hipnotic anyway, without the transparency.
Skies: there are two id1 skies, one hipnotic sky, and one sky from qtest. So hey, that’s more than 3 technically. None in the LBMs though.

I bet someone could write a nifty book piecing together all those .plan files with other articles and historic perspective on where the company went on from Quake.

Weird, none of those are in my WAD, I even triple-checked. But I was too lazy to grab the WAD from my other computer, so I just downloaded one from a website, it might just be a bad WAD.

Oops, you’re right, I didn’t even see it there.

I know, that’s what I’m saying =)
Not that I’m complaining that we got what we got, but I wonder what else is out there.
Even the MAP source files that Romero released are a bit earlier than the final ones.
I guess it happens when you’re digging through files you haven’t touched in a couple decades.

Yeah, Idunno either, but some of the BASE/SLIME2.LBM textures did make it into final Quake/Hip. shrugs

I know! I can just imagine how much more excited I would’ve been to have these (and the DOOM scraps) back when I used to map and cobble my own textures together. I’m still tempted to try cobbling a few more.

Is there a Hipnotic specific sky? My WAD just has sky10, which is exactly the same as id’s sky1, and sky_tele, which is the same sky from dm7 and the beta release of Quake (and it doesn’t tile very well, IMO).
I didn’t know QTest had another sky, I only remember dm1 having the purple one. I’ll have to check it out.

Oh, I see, dm3’s original sky was like sky_tele, but blue instead of teal. I don’t think I ever noticed before. Looks like all three maps call their sky “sky4”.

Yeah, I’m guessing they wanted purple for sky, and teal for teleports…would’ve been an interesting look, but the *teleport fluid is a good compromise too.

Oh hai there!


The Enhanced version’s \rerelease\id1\pak0.pak\gfx has apparently proper full original .WADs that id Software used. They even contain unused textures. And not only that, it’s the same for Hipnotic and Rogue. Pretty cool!

Too bad that it took 25 years for original sounds in higher quality and texture stuff to appear.

I’m assuming this is everything that they approved for retail usage. Some of the textures from the Beta of Quake are missing (including DOOM lava, which WAS included in the old official WADs).
Interesting that crate2 and crate3 aren’t here, I guess they decided that more than two crates was just too much variety.

Kind of weird that CTF textures are in here, I’m sure there’s a story there.

I’m assuming this is everything that they approved for retail usage. Some of the textures from the Beta of Quake are missing (including DOOM lava, which WAS included in the old official WADs).
Interesting that crate2 and crate3 aren’t here, I guess they decided that more than two crates was just too much variety.

Kind of weird that CTF textures are in here, I’m sure there’s a story there.[/quote]
Where can I check the old official wads?

Edit: also, these .wads from rerelease might not be the original ‘fuller’ wads, but something the rerelease team grouped together since they recompiled all of the id1 maps. One involved person said that “ALL.WAD” is an attempt to put it them all into one place, but it met an obstacle known as same texture names (plat_top1 for example).

They’re somewhere in the old cdrom.com archives.

Ah, that could be.