Happy new year & fundraising for 2015

Happy new year everyone!

Let me cut right to the chase: It is time to collect your precious money again! Quaddicted runs on a dedicated server also hosting quakewiki.org and quakeexpo.com (and a non-exit Tor relay and more).

Server costs are 20€ per month, so 240€ for the year.
Domains cost a tiny bit as well, but instead of being a number nazi*, the total goal is simply 256€ (~300USD).

]You can donate via https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WUK57TZD4WHFC to spirit|quaddicted|com (just click the link), I think there is a way to get around fees by saying it is for a friend?/]
]You can mail me for bank transfer details (I am in Germany)/]
]You can also send Bitcoin to 1FVBfvHCkXD6ocTxWpvwGVrEpvw6j7Jpby/]
]You can also send https://www.quaddicted.com/stuff/quakedoge.png/]

I found myself dreaming of new features but deep down I was not actually willing/motivated to implement them. Life sucks at the moment so Quake is not really a priority. Generally, writing tools is fun but not my main motivation, I rather want to go back to the old days of creating and curating content. So no promises this time.

nonickname joined the map reviewer team this year, thank you for your enthusiasm!

As always, no guarantees that we don’t just spend the money on Shambler fur coats or a fiend leather couch.
And as always, money is the lazy but necessary** way to contribute. Contributions or collaboration on the site(s) would feel more. :wink:

  • Last year the target was vastly overshot.
    ** Not really as I would pay everything myself.

PS: The SSL certificate expired earlier, before I had planned. It is renewed. Sorry for the interruption. Internet Explorer 6 users cannot visit anymore, please tell them to use a secure browser instead.

37% funded already, thank you!


81%, just 50€ left to fill. Thank you!

94%, last chance for you :slight_smile:

103% funded. Wow, much love!

Once again, thanks to everyone supporting the site!

Once again, Spirit, don’t blow the money on Linux gadgets!!!

But it is not even enough for a lovely little gnu! http://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2014/31c3_-_6123_-_en_-_saal_1_-_201412291130_-_freedom_in_your_computer_and_in_the_net_-_richard_stallman.html#video (51m20s)

Some numbers as reward. I am running a non-exit Tor relay on the server as well, which makes a lot of traffic. So your donations not only support Quake but also privacy, free speech and counter surveillance. See https://www.torproject.org/about/torusers.html.en on why this is a good idea. You can probably spot when I started the relay in the bandwidth statistics:

month rx | tx | total | avg. rate ------------------------+-------------+-------------+--------------- Apr '14 10.26 GiB | 452.88 MiB | 10.71 GiB | 34.65 kbit/s May '14 268.49 GiB | 45.27 GiB | 313.77 GiB | 982.70 kbit/s Jun '14 169.56 GiB | 401.81 GiB | 571.37 GiB | 1.85 Mbit/s Jul '14 39.90 GiB | 295.80 GiB | 335.71 GiB | 1.05 Mbit/s Aug '14 398.09 GiB | 518.01 GiB | 916.10 GiB | 2.87 Mbit/s Sep '14 2.91 TiB | 3.28 TiB | 6.18 TiB | 20.49 Mbit/s Oct '14 3.64 TiB | 3.86 TiB | 7.50 TiB | 24.04 Mbit/s Nov '14 2.17 TiB | 2.41 TiB | 4.58 TiB | 15.19 Mbit/s Dec '14 3.27 TiB | 3.40 TiB | 6.66 TiB | 21.37 Mbit/s Jan '15 3.86 TiB | 3.96 TiB | 7.82 TiB | 81.07 Mbit/s

This also includes http://archiveteam.org/ activity.

Webserver-wise I don’t care much about accurate statistics anymore, there were gaps and misconfigurations this year. If we trust the numbers still, Quaddicted got about 5 Million hits with about 450k visits. The http://quakewiki.org/ got about 1 million hits with <200k visits. Those numbers include bots, they make up the vast majority.


Do you have an idea for what date the next Quake Expo will be?

2016 around June/July. If you have grandiose ideas or want to collaborate, come to http://www.quakeexpo.com/forum/