Happy new year!

Hey everyone,

first of all, thank you so much for enjoying this site. People actively using it is the best reward imaginable.
Second of all, thank you for donating for the hosting funds, we are again fully community funded.

This year is Quake’s 20th birthday and we must have a nice Quake Expo to celebrate that. The quakeexpo.com domain was passed on to me and I did set up a forum for brainstorming and organizing but interest was pretty much zero. If you are interested in collaborating for this event, maybe plan things, please join http://www.quakeexpo.com/forum/

Since there are several terabytes of free space on this fancy new server I thought of a new way of letting others benefit. So: If you want to curate a gaming file archive on your own, mail me and I can hook you up with an rsync account. The files would be available in https://www.quaddicted.com/files/ . This is explicitly not limited to Quake or id Software. But I would prefer a focus on ~90s games. I would LOVE a proper Quake 2 archive (even though the game is terrrrrible) or an archive of the good old Half-Life mods and maps.

I start planning some concept for unifying all files into one big archive, eg at http://forums.insideqc.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5738 . https://ipfs.io/ might be a perfect base for all this, also ensuring that people could easily mirror it all. Ideas for a fully tag-based system are years old already, I “just” need to write it. Maybe in Python? :> :> :> If you are interested, let’s go!

Have a great 2016!