Harassment accusations

For the full disclosure, so that it’s not some private or social media agitation tornado that you might hear this from with the usual bunch of disinformation and hearsay.

I am currently being abused and harassed as some kind of retaliation for harassment and abusing that I supposedly did myself. This is around the new Quake site Slipseer and some of their members, or also about the Quake Mapping discord, I am not sure.

As it really got out of hand and I am scared of their potential actions, I tried to do a write-up on Slipseer as a gesture to that community and hopefully they will actually say what the actual accusations are. Of course you are invited to also discuss it here. Remember the https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/misc.php?action=rules . If there is any behavior of mine that you would call abusive or harassing, please tell me. If I don’t know, I can’t change and can only consider it imaginary.

Write-up: https://www.slipseer.com/index.php?threads/harassment-accusations.156/
Archived at: https://archive.ph/lV7t2


What in particular do you mean?

I don’t know what’s going on but I just wanted to say that I appreciate the work that you’ve done here, particularly with preserving history and revitalizing Inside QC.

There are some new folks who have joined the community in recent years and they have tried to position themselves as some sort of authorities on Quake. I haven’t had pleasant interactions with them either and sometimes I can’t understand why the old blood puts up with them. Hopefully they don’t convince you to stop doing what you have been doing.

The “forum” moderation is quite poor on Slipseer. One member of their gang called Spirit a “narcissistic psychopath” and nothing was done. Nothing was said by a mod. That was removed this afternoon before I could get a screen grab but I sure as hell will cap things from now on.

Another person was trying to cool things down with a personal plea to ignore people you don’t like in the community and this was the answer: “I don’t need you to elaborate.” And they told the poster to stay out of it. Huh? It’s a forum post FFS.

I asked for some proof of the allegations against Spirit and called on them to email or DM the examples so as not to embarrass anyone, and I was warned I was being abusive, trolling or threatening.


What in particular do you mean?[/quote]

If you saw what they posted on Twitter you’d understand.


Quote: LET ME BE SUPER CLEAR - If you can afford to not use Quaddicted, then DON’T. Do NOT give this site your traffic. Do NOT support it in any way.


The tone of Spirit’s original tweet was a bit strong but not abusive and not toxic by any fucking stretch. Give me a break. And it was pretty clear what he was asking for and referring to. They just don’t like him and that’s been clear for a long time.

This little gang is on their way to ruining the Quake SP community.

[quote=Spirit]For the full disclosure, so that it’s not some private or social media agitation tornado that you might hear this from with the usual bunch of disinformation and hearsay.


I will say Spirit, if you are not communicating directly with Fairweather you should at least reply to them in the forum there. It’s good to share here to clarify your side of the story but i think you should try and hash out a set of procedures they can follow that will suit your needs and theirs. I still have hope you can work it out and that they might just respect your concerns eventually.

The realist in me says probably not, knowing the people in charge over there.

dumptruck: Genuinely curious, how do the words or actions of these people hold any weight to those of you who have been around for a while? I can understand feeling uncomfortable with targeted harassment but I don’t see why anyone would need to defend himself against outlandish accusations from a few random people who only recently showed up out of the blue. Acknowledging them only gives more legitimacy to their shaky platform. A few [people*] who just discovered this game and the community a few years ago don’t have any real power of those of you who grew this community from the ground up.

*Edited by Spirit to remove a word that could have been interpreted as insult by some]

You are completely correct and it’s great to read this perspective. It’s like having cold water splashed in my face or someone shaking me awake. Here’s why this is bothering me so much: I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress in recent days. A co-worker died last week and a friend of my wife’s has had a tragedy as well. All this dark stuff around me and now uncertainty in my job. Layoffs are coming - maybe this week.

My desire to control uncontrollable situations in my personal life is manifesting online.

So I see half-truths or bullying behavior directed at someone I know and like… and my blood begins to boil. So that’s what’s going on in my case I think. Thank you for slowing me down and helping me see some day light.

Guys, we are all sensitive people and we all have stuff to deal with in life. No need to elaborate on that, no need to go details. Do not feed the trolls. Your time and your attention are valuable.

I may be a narcissistic psychopath - so what, if I never delve into discussion with those who could call me out on that? Opinions.

Come on Spirit, you are better than this cheap drama.

Sorry for the troubles that you’re experiencing. I wasn’t trying to single you out or anything—my comment applies to anyone who has been pushed around by these sorts of people.

There was drama brewing a few years back when there was a sudden influx of newcomers, some of whom oddly started trying to exercise authority over the community, and I couldn’t understand why people who have been growing this community for decades were bending to their whims. I never really acknowledged them and I was hoping that others would do the same so that the troublemakers would get bored and move on to the next flavor of the week. You guys don’t owe them your attention.

"What in the world are we going to do?
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'Cause everyone hurts, everyone cries;
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How in the world am I going to see
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I’ll read everything later and respond, but as a had a quick glance a few points:

  • Thanks for your support and open thoughts <3
  • Keep the language civil here in any way, anger makes it easy to swear and insult but please keep this site clean
  • Everyone is free to live their life as they want and feel, no derogatory comments against any reallife subgroups please. Diversity is a positive thing and no one should feel less because of their other hobbies or choices in life. :slight_smile:

Same here, no interest in or time for the drama. Keep up the good work and let us know if we can help.

[quote=triple_agent]Guys, we are all sensitive people and we all have stuff to deal with in life. No need to elaborate on that, no need to go details. Do not feed the trolls. Your time and your attention are valuable.

I may be a narcissistic psychopath - so what, if I never delve into discussion with those who could call me out on that? Opinions.

Come on Spirit, you are better than this cheap drama.[/quote]

How can we trust you? You’re a triple agent! :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding!)

You are right, you have to make your own judgment.

Here is a little reminder what my problem with this case is. My argument started from Spirit continuing taking things to public like he does here as well. Insults after that point are just par for the course and being as toxic as possible shouldn’t matter when you already offended and keep on offending.

Answer is so simple, delete your public posts you made and I will delete mine and never talk about this bullcrap again.

This is a chance for dumptruck, spirit and whoever else might be considered egotistical maniac to prove that you can do right. If you have a lot of trouble in your life causing issues, maybe drop these claims and focus on something that matters?

For the record I have a lot of things to worry about too and I would like to start worrying about those instead of dealing with this. Partly the reason why I decided to have a go at this. But I can keep on going if you guys so desire.

Sorry for still not properly responding here. I spent a lot of time yesterday writing three long posts at https://www.slipseer.com/index.php?threads/harassment-accusations.156/#post-968
Unfortunately the discussion there seems to been missing some important points (the alleged long term abuse from me, before the tweets) but I won’t have time to respond again until sunday.

Mazu, thanks for posting here. I think you might misunderstanding the issue and why I am making a public fuzz about it. You and others have created a big issue, by publicly calling me a long-time abuser and harasser without proving or otherwise retracting those allegations. I have posted detailed explanations of my actions at the Slipseer forums, including some apologies for the exact issue that you say is the cause of your hatred (my public tweet about the perceived unethical handling of our services, why I perceived them as I did, etc etcetc) but sadly you continue to ignore the contents of those post. Or you don’t understand them? Please tell me things are not clear.

To me the ball is in your court and it would be nice to put aside the anger and detail your actual accusations. Please take a look in the mirror at your own actions and maybe reflect them publicly like I did. What are you doing right now vs. what are you accusing me for vs.(?) what I am actually doing.

You are now insulting dumptruck and me. You are threatening to “keep on going” with whatever you consider doing at the moment, which to me is personal abuse and harassment. Over at Slipseer you are threatening me to “drag this on forever” unless I don’t “Delete [my] twitter account”: https://archive.ph/I2Zxv#selection-6545.132-6468.8

I am sorry that you have lots of things to worry about, so let’s clear up these issues quickly!

I am unsubscribing from this thread, hope all goes well for all of you folks.

Sorry I can’t quote answer you Spirit because the form is broken when I try to do that. But since you insist on going I will try my best to give you what you want from my perspective.

Obviously I’m not the one facing these problems, its the slipseer staff. Disclaimer, I’m only friends with most people involved and not moderator or staff. I’m pissed off at you for bringing up topics in public on your twitter account and whatever else these people have had to deal with related to you, you can get all information from them, the slipseer staff. And I do not sign anything someone else has said like Aleks in this case, which you guys are trying to lump me together with his claims. I’m being wrongfully judged there too, so I will just return the favor to you guys.

Their personal problems caused by stress in proxy by you is enough reason for me to call you out bringing things in public, for this reason I’m speculating myself that you might have mental disorders because you cannot stop. And taking jabs towards you for that reason.

I don’t see any difference on what you are doing now compared what I’m doing.

And what comes to dumptruck, I’m defending my friends like he is his. He is a whole different discussion topic that I don’t want to get involved in.

My actual accusation: You are posting issues of slipseer publicly against the wishes of slipseer folks. Why I’m mad at you.

My offer still stands to remove the original slipseer post on twitter and I will remove mine harsh attacks towards you about it. Why I said you should delete your twitter account is because you mentioned it somewhere before that, just to point that out it was your idea first.

Now this is a good point.

While the deeplinking issue that caused Spirit to post a screencap of Fairweather seem to be reaching an agreement, that Quaddicted tweet was quote tweeted into a whole thread of tangential accusations that WILL make Spirit look like he’s hiding from guilt if Spirit deletes his tweet that was quoted in there. Passively ignoring accusations is fine, but actively running away from accusations is an implicit admission of guilt.

Right now it doesn’t matter if those accusations against Spirit are true; the problem at hand is that they were made publicly, just like Spirit’s tweet. It would be better if they were deleted and discussed privately between the people involved. Then Spirit would be able to delete his own quoted Twitter thread without further negative consequences.

That said, https://twitter.com/quaddicted/status/1577401113967530023 are completely unnecessary. Outside people that weren’t interested in these discussions in the first place don’t need to be exposed to it. I’m sure that anyone who saw the original discussion in Twitter and want to know more about it are already keeping an eye in both the Slipseer and the Quaddicted forums. There’s no problem in deleting these, and it would make the Slipseer staff feel safer to discuss the whole situation in a more friendly way.

The public don’t need to know how this whole situation will be solved. Me, and I bet that most other people too, only wants to see a final result being reached — and preferably a peaceful one.