Hello also!

My new year’s resolution is to try be more sociable online :slight_smile: so I’ll join the other users introducing themselves!

I have been a Quake fan since around 1998.

In our early teens, my brother and friends and I made skins, levels, and guns (never released), copying the same Quake folder from PC to PC (I have recently bought a legal version)! But we mostly just played the “Future Vs. Fantasy” mod at LAN parties at each others’ houses.

I wrote about some memories of modding and what it means to me at http://gurushrine.wordpress.com.

I discovered Quaddicted in 2016 and I’ve enjoyed dozens of custom levels. The evolution in craft as well as the dedication of the mappers are astounding to me! In fact, the whole scene - tools, TCs, models, engines, etc. - really inspires me. So much awesome work shared generously.

My ambition is to release a level in 2021. However, all I’ve managed so far is a couple of geometry generation Python scripts :smiley:

Welcome! I like your idea (mentioned on the blog) of doing a map with classical architecture. There are many Quake maps with Egyptian architecture, but I know of only a few that are done in a Greco-Roman style. Would love to see another.

Cheers JMP. I agree, I think there’s some potential there… and no shortage of real life inspiration!

Looking forward to whatever you cook up! There’s already plenty of interesting stuff on your blog.