Help--Can't remember a map's name

Hi all,

I have a terrible memory. A few weeks ago, I played a large metal/runic map and really enjoyed it, but now I’ve already forgotten its name.

Generally speaking, it’s done in the blue-metal style that’s reminiscent in episode 3 of the original game. Some specific things I remember:

-At one point, the player has to cross a bridge to hit a switch at the end of a platform. Once he hits the switch, the bridge disappears and he risks falling into a lava pit below. At the opposite end of the lava pit from the switch, there’s a walkway with several zombies and an ogre. It’s difficult to jump down to the walkway from above because only a tiny part of it sticks out past the upper platform.

-Later in the map, the player is stuck in a room with a crushing wall. There’s a slight depression in the middle of the wall, and the only way to survive is to stand in that depression while the wall moves.

-After escaping the crushing-wall room, the player follows a short walkway into a large open room. At one end of that room is a staircase leading to another large open room. In one of these rooms–I think it’s the second–the player has to do horde combat against a large mixed group of monsters that’s heavy on fiends.

I don’t remember if this was a standalone map or part of an episode. I also don’t remember when it came out. I was able to play it with winquake, though, so it isn’t a mod.

Any help would be appreciated!

This sounds familiar. I’m sure I’ve played it too but I can’t pinpoint it, sorry. Did you comment it on this site? You could find it if you did.

Found it-- it’s Torture Department aka terra6 by CZG:

Unfortunately, I hadn’t rated it or commented on it. I thought the maps in that pack varied in quality, so I wasn’t sure how to rate the whole thing and put off doing so… then I completely forgot about it.

Glad to know you managed to find it. Yeah, Terra is not CZG’s best work. There’s great stuff in there but the episode is clearly uneven.