Hi there, my name is GenericJohnDoe and i did a Fan Mappack Upload

So, hi.

First things first:

I hope i did everything correct according to the etiquette when i uploaded the mappack and did post the links at reddit, gog and steam.

( https://www.reddit.com/r/quake/comments/py715s/quakespasm_spiked_with_mods_and_maps_fanpack/ )

( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2621961393 )

I tried to pay honour to the original sourcelinks and involved authors in the readme file so that interested users will find their ways
to the original source (quaddicted.com) and original authors (To get more maps and for praisings and blood offerings.)

My intention is to give new users and users who are not in touch with the mapping community since release of Q1 a compilation which
only needs a drop in of the legal files of id1 / hipnotic and rogue and is ready to use without further tinkering.
(Yes, i know there is the quakestarterpack from neogeographica, but it needs online connection and parts of it is faulty (quoth is still not loading and dependent maps.).

If you have anything to complain (hopefully not) or (better) suggestions i would be very happy about your comments.

And please talk to me if anything about the pack is not honourable (Really, i am a amateur and i am willing to correct my errors.) as i only want to spread quake all around the net.
Because Quake is for everyone! :wink:

—Quakespasm spiked with mods and maps v2.7—

Version 2.7 is now up, with just some fixes, new versions of ironwail and vkQuake and an updated Quake Copper mod.

Besides the googledrive links i did create a page at the internet archive which will provide a torrent link besides a (slow) direct download link.

Have fun!


Currently there is a plethora of maps and episodes within made from several famous community releases, interesting findings with many high rated entries from https://quaddicted.com, just have a look at the README. I threw in some startup gear for multiplayer, too, but nothing over the edge.

Extracted the folder with the gamefolder and the bonusfolder will have a size of over 23,1 GB (unpacked, packed just 8.72 GB) full of wonder and content, so do not wait and load it, it will take a while!

The link and thread will be over there at reddit:

There is a link and thread over at GoG, too:

And here is the link to the HTML-Version of the Readme on Steam:

Here is the package on moddb.com:


Torrent is possible via archive.org!

Link Readme 2.7:

Link Update 2.x-2.5 (1,91 GB):

Link Update 2.5-2.7 (920 MB):

Link Full Pack 2.7 (8.72 GB):

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To keep a better overview i crossed out the old entries and edited the second post with the actual posting.

@Spirit, could you delete the “obsolete postings”?

Fresh update to 2.7 is up.