How Do I Install TrenchBroom Without Installing ExpressZip In Windows?

I was hoping to install TrenchBroom, so that I can view everyone’s amazing map sources in the editor, and so that I can learn how to tie many of them into a single id style episode. After trying to install the software it also installed ExpressZip onto my windows system. After installing this additional software it did some weird stuff to my PC and forced itself to be my default zip extractor.

This did not settle well with me. I prefer to use 7Zip or even windows explorer as my default extractor. I also don’t want to have like 12 different tools on my PC when I only need one. ExpressZip wasn’t even the full version. I can’t do anything with it until I purchase the full version anyway.

Is there a version of TrenchBroom for windows that either uses a self extractor or is packaged in a standard .zip or .7z file? I would prefer to extract it manually than deal with any new, additional and unknown software. Has anyone else thought this was weird too?

BTW I love 7Zip because I have used it to edit and create Zdoom .pk3 files in the past and combine Quake 3 maps into one archive. It is great because it opens them without me having to rename the file extension.

How did you install it? The official download comes as 7z and I would be astonished if they bundled an unnecessary third party tool.

I extracted the editor with 7Zip and it runs fine. Still don’t know why the PC that installed it on also installed Express Zip. It might have been a Microsoft Apps store or Windows 10 issue. I don’t know for sure.