How do I run .iso files in Quakespasm?

I haven’t seen this discussed yet and I was looking for a way to do it. This is because I have Malice in the form of an iso file. When I drag it over the Quakespasm exe it doesn’t play. In game, I’ve tried a few console commands such as game malice while the Malice iso is in the id1\maps folder or beside the id1 folder, but it doesn’t seem to start. Is there something I’m missing? Bsp maps load up but this iso file is more finicky. Malice isn’t the only game that I’m looking to run this way. There are in fact a small number of older map packs on moddb in iso format and I don’t know how to run them.

I don’t think Quakespasm “plays” or even works with ISO files. I don’t think any engine/sourceport does really.

In this case a solution would be to install a virtual CD/DVD drive device, mount ISO there, and get the data files from it manually to place in the Quake folder and then run it like any other mod -game command line parameter.

I thought I needed an external program. It turns out that this was built into Windows 8 and 10. I saw an option to Mount on some screenshots online but I don’t have it. Instead I right clicked > went to Open With > Windows Explorer and it mounted for me. Thanks to everyone for reading.

Since you’ll be playing Malice, Kayne made a custom map for it. It’s called Murder at the Disco and you should check it out.

Ok, one more question… Does anyone know how to run bin and cue files in Quakespasm or what I need to do with them to play the game? Some older files, again, are in this format, like the Shrak TC for Quake. Also the expansions for Quake 2 are in bin and cue. I tried mounting them like I did with the iso files I had (there are some neat but very rough looking old level packs out there in iso format) but it doesn’t show me any files within the bin and cue.

All those are virtual CDs, no sane engine would support that. :wink:

Use for mounting them on Windows.

Thank you. With this I can play more Quake.