How do I set up quake injector?

I want to get back into playing quake maps so I want to finally use quake injector, but I don’t know where to put the zip file when I download it! Does anyone know how to set it up?

Where ever you want, just unzip it and run the bat file. You need Java though, best via

What does the bat file look like, also note that bat maybe called something different for me! A photo of what it looks like will suffice!

@‘PunkRubberRiley’, I would rather think it could look different for you, but should be named as declared; a file of this kind, has an extension of “.bat”. Mind that “.bat” is an Windows operating system compatible extension format, therefore, you are correct - depending on your particular condition, you could require a different solution - if to call the solution a way of “looking like” - in case of occupying a different environment, that is. Unfortunately, we do not teach computer basics in this place, therefore - speculatively - you would need to reach out to someone else, if you did want answers on how to basically operate your computing machine under the system you have. It is true, though, that the “look-a-likes”, such as various software, could require certain specific knowledge on how to properly execute, for satisfactory result; which the knowledge, should be provided to you in this place - ideally speaking - assuming it is anyhow essential and valid to what this community promotes or cultivates, as well as under the condition you will have proved to own sufficient skill and understanding of all the systemic processes required to reach the point of our mutual interest for successful base of cooperation.

Otherwise, I am afraid it is an overt extension of our collective effort, to remain respectful of the time and energy, on both the sides of this situational equation.

Thank you for your understanding.

triple_agent: No need to talk down like that. Either help or take a step back and consider not writing a 5 minute condescending epos about how you can’t contribute. Thanks!

There actually isn’t a .bat file, I must have misremembered. Sorry for the confusion.

Instead, just double-click the quakeinjector.jar file and it should launch. :slight_smile:

@‘Spirit’, sorry, but I was convinced that was a troll, with asking for a photo of a “.bat”. Instead, I must have embraced the troll myself.