How do Injector, sourceports and Quake work together?

New to Quaddicted and using Quake mods. Long time gamer interested in new Quake maps. Using ironwail and steam Quake.

With that said, I’d like to understand how they work together to get the most out of them.

What is the main purpose of a sourceport? Will Injector work without one?

How can I configure Injector so that my preferences instantly apply without having to change them for every map?

How can I get music to work? Setting external music to on or off doesn’t do anything.

Thank you for your help.

Here’s an article I wrote that covers most of this.

Things can get confusing with the new remaster on Steam very quickly, but never fear. We can help. One of the reasons for the confusion is there are now two folder where your config.cfg can live. Steamapps/common/Quake/id1 and Steamapps/common/Quake/remaster/id1

The problem is you cannot launch the base game or select the original id1 folder using the Injector and this is probably where you are having an issue with your config. You need to launch Quake from Steam (not Ironwail or the Injector) and play the base game for a few minutes to create your default config.cfg file. Ironwail will then copy that to ironwail.cfg the next time you play with that port. But you might need to track down where it was created (see two locations above). Your config.cfg will be copied by the engine to any mod directory you select. That’s why it’s important to play the base game once before using mods or the Quake Injector.

Since the music isn’t working for you, it’s my guess that you clicked Original as opposed to Remaster when you launched Ironwail. This means Ironwail is looking in Steamapps/Common/Quake/id1 for a music folder that isn’t there. Look in Steamapps/common/remaster/id1 for the music folder. Copy it to Steamapps/Common/Quake/id1 and it will likely work when you relaunch with Ironwail.

Source ports are just more modern versions of the original Quake.exe and Ironwail is the best choice ATM. Steam comes with the KEX engine that was used to develop the Remaster. You don’t have to use it. I use Ironwail to play and capture my videos and Quakespasm to map with since it’s popular and many other ports, including Ironwail, are based on Quakespasm (QS). So it’s a smart choice for mapping and coding, since if it works in QS it will work in others.

The Quake injector looks terrible but it really allows for an easy experience and I highly recommend using it. Quake Injector is very easy to set up with Ironwail or the KEX engine that’s included with your Steam version. Just click on configuration and follow the prompts.

Everything @h4724 writes in that guide linked above is on point but as well but I figured I’d answer some of your specific questions.

This post has given me a swift kick in the butt to complete the Quake Injector video I started a couple of months ago.

Post follow ups if you still are having problems.