How do you submit maps to this site?

This is a really stupid question that could probably be answered by me just using my eyes and looking around the website, but I can’t find anything and some help would be greatly appreciated. I have a map I made that I really want to submit soon and get some feedback on it (first release hype!).

You mail the zip to me, :slight_smile:

thanks man!

Hi Gibbing Gibbon (nice pseudonym, by the way!)

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Func_Msgboard, but it is not a bad place to get technical advice and feedback from other mappers, especially if you’re a new mapper and/or if your creation is still in beta stage. exists pretty much for that purpose – you can e.g. start by posting a few screenshots and asking if anyone there would be willing to beta test your map. You’re likely to get feedback on Quaddicted too, but over at Func_Msgboard you’ll get a lot more technical advice.

There is also, in case you are having problems or e.g. need advice on creating a particular gameplay setup, etc.

Then when you’ve polished and fine-tuned your map, you can e-mail it to Spirit.

Just my two cents. :slight_smile: