How to make maps for AD specifically?

I mean there’s a very very nice to tutorials playlist on how to install all & everything for mapping All knowledge for starters in one place. THANK YOU sir Dumpstruck. But how to make maps with AD monsters, props, functions, textures? Any tips please. I am not lazy, I can read, I don’t ask for hand-holding. But I need a little advice what & where to read / to watch. How to tweak TrenchBroom and all tools for AD?

To start, from that playlist explains in general terms how to set up TrenchBroom for mods. The links in the description are outdated, use AD 1.8.1 instead.

There’s also these files on ModDB, which should help to teach you how the new features work:

Jesus, I am stupid again. I’ve watched thru dumpstruck playlist and somehow missed THAT video. Christ, I’m so sorry for being blind. Me asshole
THANK YOU dear sir h4724

Where do I get wads for AD?
*Sorry in advance if this question is really stupid and I missing something in the very front of my nose