How to teleport monsters with a trigger in QUAKE 1??

Hello friends, I need a little help from you. How do I make Quake monsters appear with a teleporter? I know how to do it in Quake 2 but no idea how to do it in the first Quake, I’m using GTK Radiant 1.5 and I need to finish the Quake 4 gamepack in Quake. Do you have any idea how to do this. Only the ambush key appears as spawnflag for the monster, but trigger_spawn has nothing to do with it. I would appreciate it if you help me, thank you.

To my awareness, majority of mappers around this place, use ‘Trenchbroom’ program for ‘Quake’ mapping. There are tutorials on how to map for ‘Quake’ in the ‘Trenchbroom’, done by ‘dumptruck_ds’ - you can search it on ‘Youtube’. If you want an intensive course on mapping, you can visit ‘Quake Mapping Discord’ - linked somewhere on the ‘Youtube’ channel of said ‘dumptruck_ds’, where you may meet some helpful people.

Thanks friend, I had done well but I made the big mistake that all the monsters were touching the same trigger_teleport, I put one for each one with their info_teleport_destination and it works perfect.

Glad you fixed it for yourself.