How to use autoexec.cfg in Quake Enhanced?

I can load autoexec.cfg once I place the file into C:\Users%MyUserName%\Saved Games\Nightdive Studios\Quake ad use command exec autoexec.cfg in Quake console. However it won’t load automagically. How do I do it? Some extra commands are removed in kexengine.cfg once game loads.

Sorry, should’ve googled before posting. The right way to load autoexec is to specify “+exec autoexec.cfg” in shortcut’s target. Good write-up here —

Sorry, still asking initial question since +exec autoexec.cfg and -exec autoexec.cfg in target of shortcut are not working for me. My Quake Enhanced EXE is located in C:\Program Files\Quake Enhanced and I’m using GOG release. Other target options like -skipmovies are working.

It looks like there’s a bug with r_wateralpha and r_lavaalpha (and other alphas) that made me to believe by autoexec wasn’t working. It is working, at least that’s what another article says — Basically you have to reload autoexec.cfg on each level load for alpha values to work.

Copy the file “quake.rc” from the archive “…\rerelease\id1\pak0.pak”, add the following lines there, make a new archive “…\rerelease\id1\pak1.pak” and add this file there, save the archive. Everything will work.

r_lavaalpha 1
r_slimealpha 0
r_telealpha 1
r_wateralpha 0.7

You can download it in my topic if you want.

Here is what is written in my “quake.rc” file:

// load the base configuration
exec default.cfg

// load the last saved configuration
exec config.cfg

// run a user script file if present
exec autoexec.cfg

// stuff command line statements

// opt into unicode font rendering
scr_usekfont 1
// scr_screenscale 2.0
// con_showfps 1

// start demos if not already running a server
startdemos demo1 demo2 demo3

r_lavaalpha 1
r_slimealpha 0
r_telealpha 1
r_wateralpha 0.7

r_noEntityCastShadowList “progs/flame2.mdl,progs/flame.mdl,progs/bolt.mdl,progs/bolt1.mdl,progs/bolt2.mdl,progs/bolt3.mdl,progs/laser.mdl,progs/lavaball.mdl,progs/wizard.mdl,progs/rocket.mdl,progs/spike.mdl,progs/s_spike.mdl,progs/k_spike.mdl,progs/lspike.mdl,progs/v_spike.mdl,progs/w_spike.mdl”

r_nolerp_list “progs/flame_pyre.mdl,progs/v_saw.mdl,progs/v_xfist.mdl,progs/h2stuff/newfire.mdl”

alias quickswitch_up “switchweapon 0 1”
alias quickswitch_right “switchweapon 2 3”
alias quickswitch_down “switchweapon 4 5”
alias quickswitch_left “switchweapon 6 7”

Hey Andrew, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately this isn’t working, check it yourself in start map with r_lavaalpha 0.5 in quake.rc inside pak0.pak. This is a bug: the values are written to kexengine.cfg correctly but not executed on new map. I have binded rshift to exec kexengine.cfg as a workaround for now (inside quake.rc). It works this way,

To be honest, I’ve never liked transparent lava. But I tried to make it transparent. Yes, you are right, even with any value, this liquid acquires a slight transparency with a value of about 0.97. Although in “quake.rc” I set the value to 0.5. But if you enter the value “r_lavaalpha 0.5” in the console, the lava becomes more transparent. To be honest, I don’t know how to answer this question. Apparently, such a bug with all liquids (less on water and slime) and their transparency must be set manually after starting the level.

This “switchweapon” command looks pretty dang useful. Would be great if Quakespasm had something like that.
Sorry you didn’t get your liquids working the way you wanted them to, chad2