I want to introduce myself

Hello everyone, i am new around here and i just want to introduce myself.

My name is Thomas, i live in germany and i was born in 1980. My first contact with Quake was shortly after release in 1996. These where LAN Party times, good times. We played DOOM with Coax Cable Local Networks (Keyboard only) before this, but Quake was some kind of a boost for the parties, “real” 3d graphics and gameplay with keyboard and mouse was the future for us. Then came the internet and LAN parties faded away slowly, but Quake was the main influence and one of my most beloved games till today.

in 2015 a friend of mine uploaded a folder via FTP called quakespasm. He just told me download this and run the “ad” link inside the folder. No further information was given and soon i knew why. Arcane Dimensions was leaving no question. I felt like Quake, but somehow new. It was no replacement, more like some kind of a family member.

Long story short Thank you everyone who contributes with cool new singleplayer maps. Not only AD but also the xmas jams and so on. A few weeks ago i started working with Trenchbroom myself. The Youtube tutorials from Dumptruck are very handy. My background is in music production (Dormant Heights=Ambient, Mean Ministry=Experimental Beats), but the new maps from you guys inspired me to do my own.

Starting small though :slight_smile:

If someone needs shady music loops and sound effects im glad to contribute as well.

Hi there. I am a newbie too. My name is Alexander Ros. (Durinq Quake 3 era was nicknamed as Alex-Under by someone). And #MeToo was born on 1980 (septemper). I grew up on Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Undying and most of all Thief games. Next Half-Life 2 (and this one introduced me to Half-Life one, I missed it on release). Next Stalker came out and that’s when I started modding. Team member for OGSM CS (there were 3 of us actually, smallish team), it googles easily. Next some modelling for Stalker: some props, some interiors, some weapons https://gamebanana.com/members/submissions/models/1224286 (old school modeling, non Hipoly baking). Next Amnesia came out and I made some models for some custom stories… blah-blah-blah. I wasn’t modding for quite some time. But Wrath & Dusk & Graven lately brought me here to Quake engine. I love pixelated aesthetics (Bal perfected this in my opinion). All in all I am totally new to mapping, especially for shooter, but in general I am well familiar with modeling, and TrenchBroom feels like some kinda limited easy 3D modeling software actually, so… will see.
*I wasn’t aware of saying hello. But since I was born on 1980 too I decided it’s a sign (yup I love mystics all the way)
**Forgot to say I live in Russia, not too far from Moscow. I prefer outskirts & solitude to big cities. I wish I could live somewhere else since I don’t like what’s goin’ on in here but… I am fine. I traveled a lot around the globe, nothing to complaint (Brazil I think is my fav due to being beautiful and wild and very kind at the same time)