I'm trying to find this map...

One or two month ago I played a map, but I can’t find find it again among all those maps.

It was a huge map, if it wasn’t large.
Ambient was dark. It had a dark atmosphere.
It was a dark fantasy map, there were no hi-tech stuff or human fighters in it.
There were four big towers.
There were runes at each tower.
I remember spiral ladders for climbing the towers.
I was rated with five stars (might be four starred as well).

I someone remembers it, please tell me the name of it.

you are thinking of Day of the Lords by Glassman, I believe.

Yes it was the map I was looking for!
Yay! Thank you so much!

Again I’m trying to find a map I played in the past.

  • It was a huge map.
  • There was a huge one piece building, there was a huge space in the middle of it.
  • Even at the beginning part of the game I was able to see fair amount of monsters and floating scrags at the higher floors of the building. But the distance was so much that it wasn’t possible to shoot without a nail gun and zooming with the console command “fov”.
  • There were a lot of ramps in the the building. The steepest of them was in the spacious middle part of the building, and it was starting from the ground level and leading to a special door with full of monster (it might be the golden door).
  • I might be confusing this with another map but I remember a helicopter at the roof of it, by which the player escapes at the very end.
  • It wasn’t a five star or one star map. It was most likely to be a three star map.

I will be happy if someone gives me title of this map.

Helicopter… possibly one of Neil Manke’s maps.

Thank you, but I’m not able to find a map named “Helicopter” http://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/.

Well this map by Neil Manke has a helicopter for the screenshot of it:


Or, maybe you’re thinking of one of my two maps in “Sludge Factory” since in both the player leaves the map from a helipad:


Or, it could even be the map OUM4 from Operation Urth Majok, which has a helipad I think:


As far as what I recognize from the screen shots in those links, the map I was trying to find is https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/sludgefactory.html.

I’m studying for an exam right now. I will play it as soon as I go to home tomorrow.
How nostalgic just looking at that screen shot is… It has been a year since the last time I played it.
I just love huge foggy maps.

Thank you very much for addressing it.

I love huge foggy maps too,Good luck for your exam