I'm trying to get involved in something to avoid duplicated efforts =D

Hi there, most of you here probably never heard nothing about me or anything, some I maybe have encountered in the past… But mostly… I always just “consumed” the content from this awesome community and never finished or released anything that i’ve tried to do of content for Quake.

Quake is a integral part of my “being” and… As recently i’ve discovered that my abandoned efforts prevented someone else from seeking the same goal… So… There must be a lot of occasions when this kind of thing could happen, and we should avoid it, right?

So… Yes…

I have as of now, one unfinished codebase (level editor - VALA/GTK.)

One old concept that i’ve lost the codebase, but could easily (but not fastly) rewrite. (Quaddicted-based multi-engine pretty launcher thingy in Python and GTK)

And a map that i’m at… 20% of development, aiming on some specific modern gameplay features and visual features…

The level editor, unfortunately, isn’t something that I could contribute to Trenchbroom or another already maintained mapping tool, since I’m aiming at a whole different “development perspective”…

I want to help, where’s the master of this sacred realm, Spirit? Can I help any effort here?


Attached below is the screenshot of my old py/gtk codebase. Is quaddicted-based, but I had localized some metadata to my language back then… =) (and the covers, were almost a “manual” thing.) I’ve lost this codebase, but I could easily rewrite. =)