Interviews with Game Devs

If you know of any interviews with game devs providing interesting information and insights that the community could enjoy, post the links here.

ArrrCee and I have interviewed quite a few modders and developers including John Romero. Lots of great stuff IMO. Quakecast


Rain World is one of my favorite games, for a number of reasons including its unique procedural animation process. Here is a talk (rather than an interview) that gives some insight (helps if you know at least a little bit about about the game).

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Project lead of ‘Dead Space’ talks about his stuff. Excellent interview.

On the ‘Aliens versus Predator’ classic game. These are as if three games in one, running on the exact same engine, but sharing one asymmetric multiplayer. The project lead talks quite a lot about how they tried to manage the diversity, but he also points out the priorities of faithfulness to the source material and the attention to detail - going as far as using movie soundscape.

The original ‘Diablo’ could have become stuck a turn-based game. Enjoyable presentation.

Not exactly operable but ugly as hell. Tasty tidbits.

I think this is relevant. Dopamine - it is the currency in every human being. It appears that dopamine balance could be compared to a lifestyle game of sort, that has own rules in order to be played and understood right. The “mind over matter” perspective put aside, we are all having a biological or organic experience - right here, right now, in whatever we do - because it is our body mediating the stimulus.

John Romero about rocket jumping in Quake:

John Carmack on the history of Quake development:

First time I played ‘F.E.A.R.’ I did not exactly like it, comparably speaking, but I did see the merit of some implementations. Second time, I started to understand and therefore appreciate better. It is a “deus ex machina” kind of thing; a paradoxical synergy emerging from pieces otherwise contradictory.

Hisayoshi Ogura, the composer of the legendary Arkonoid’s OST, on the history of sound in video games in Japan:

Kevin Cloud about Doom (2016) development (SnapMap, story and more):

Sandy Petersen reveals some interesting facts about Doom’s episode 2: The Shores of Hell, Doom mapping and development history:

John Romero about Buckethead’s impact on Sigil 2, current relationship with original id Software members, the history of development of his companies and more (Ask Romero, episode 1).

John Carmack’s speech at QuakeCon 2012:

The history of Quake with Tim Willits:

Tim Willits about id Software, Saber Interactive and more:

John Carmack’s speech at QuakeCon 2002:

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