Introducing the Quakecast

New Quake related podcast from ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds! The first episode is just a chat but future guests include Ionous and Joshua Skelton.


New episodes here.

Hey guys,

I’m the lead developer over at have been playing Quake since 1996.

We released 1.0 after about 9 months of hard work. Check out our pivotal tracker, github, twitch and discord links.

If you’re looking for a guest I’d love to come on your show. Easiest way to contact me is in the discord channel:


Episode 4 is up with out guest, long time mapper Bal:

Episode 5 with our guest Andrew Yoder.

Episode 6 SleepwalkR

Hear how TrenchBroom got started and MUCH more.

Episode 7 Skacky

Episode 8 with ericw

Missed posting a few episodes here:

Ep 09 Daz!!
Ep10 ArrrCee and dumptruck Leading the Digital Life
Ep 11 FifthElephant

Ep 12 - Shambler

Ep 13 - Quake 1.5 creator Bloodshot

Ep 30 DraQu

Ep 31 Lunaran

Ep 32 Jehar

Ep 33 Qmaster

Ep 34 Amazing FPS composer Andrew Hulshult

mfx interview

PuLSaR interview

ArrrCee and dumptruck discuss the future of the Quakecast

Dark Ambient Composer Immorpher

Episode 40!

Halloween Jam 2

Oh man so behind on posting links here!

Anyway here’s episode 53:

fairweather joins us in this episode to chat up the fantastic new multi-episode Quake project “Dwell.” Among other things, we’ll discuss why the team decided to embrace Copper for this project. Also, how the Quake community can learn a thing or two from the Doom community and a whole lot more!

Get Dwell Episode 1 here:


Danz modelling on Twitter:

Copper Mod (not required for Dwell):

Phasewarp mod:

Theme Music by Markie Music:

In the Keep podcast:

Quake Mapping on Discord: