Is it possible to use Quake Enhanced's extra modes in source ports?

Hello, does anyone know if it’s possible to run Quake Enhanced’s Horde Mode and Deathmatch (with QE’s bot) in any of the source ports?

Not sure the Horde Mode source was ever release though —

Horde mode is a part of MG1 (Dimension of the Machine).

Horde mode is a part of MG1 (Dimension of the Machine).[/quote]
But how do I start it in source port that runs mg1 perfectly, i.e. vkQuake? I’d also love to know how to set up bot match with Quake Enhanced’s bots. Would you kindly take a minute to explain how to do it if it’s possible at all…

Sorry for the late response.

First of all, no engine runs the Quake Enhanced (and thus stuff like Dimension of the Machine) “perfectly”. All the modern engines’ changelogs stated that it’s just preliminary/basic support. For example, none of them render the “dynamic shadows” from the re-release. And I think only vkQuake supports the higher poly models from Enhanced, but I haven’t checked Quakespasm and Ironwail on that.

Anyway, to play Horde in vkQuake, it’s pretty easy. In vkQuake you just set “game mg1” in console or use Mods menu and select MG1. For some odd reason it might still play demos from original game’s e1m2, but then just type “map horde1” in console. The available maps for horde mode are from horde1 through horde7. There’s also a cvar “horde” that you can set to 1 but I don’t think it matters, maybe it’s there for multiplayer purposes?

It plays just fine but you don’t have a special score stats on display as the Enhanced does, which again takes us back to the sourceports are being able to run the content, but not exactly like Enhanced re-release does. All the menus are not like in Enhanced as well, so you don’t have fancy level selects and setting up bot matches. Speaking of which, I don’t think it can be done in vkQuake and such, because KEX engine has its own set of additional console commands and variables, for bots as well. And those commands aren’t part of the sourceports, so you just can’t add a bot in a sourceport like vkQuake even if you are using re-release’s id1 or whatever.

P.S. The “score” in horde mode can be seen if a hordeX map is played with “deathmatch 1” (or non 0 I suppose) set. But then again, it’s a bit wrong way to do it :slight_smile:

Hey Gila, thank you so much for insight, I succeeded with Horde Mode in vkQuake!

Do you think it’s impossible to extract KEX’s bot and execute it like Reaper Bot ( I know there are some bots ( and Reaper can study maps but KEX’s bot has all waypoints for all maps (like horde1, etc.). And it’s good bot.

P.S. I tried add bot and addbot commands in vkQuake and it didn’t help.

I haven’t looked into it but I don’t think that’s possible. If it would be, somebody would’ve probably done that already. If the KEX bots are either coded in the engine itself, which makes them unavailable in the sourceports. If they are coded in QuakeC (progs.dat) then one would have to combine the code from the mod/bots and compile it.

I’m pretty sure they are part of the engine. Could be wrong, but since the Nav Editor is part of the engine it’s a good bet they are not QuakeC.