Is there a minimal standalone quake mod example?

Okay, so I wanna learn how to mod quake (duh).
The way I usually do that kinda stuff is by taking something that works, looking at how it does what it does, then usually breaking it.

Do you guys know of a mod which is open source and doesn’t use any of the original assets?
Pretty much the smallest one you can think of - all I need is an empty level, maybe just a plane, and nothing else, actually.
I want to see what the bare minimum to get the engine to display anything is.

This seemed to go into the right direction, but firstly it probably still has all the models in it, thus probably still depends on the original pak files, and secondly I can’t find it anywhere:

Alright, so I’m an idiot and didn’t look around properly before posting, this SHOULD be what I was looking for:
Under the section “Scratch Tutorials” - which makes sense…

I’m having some trouble with compiling anything at the moment, but I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I guess^^

Hope on #qc in and ask Shpuld :slight_smile:

That scratch tutorial isn’t going to get you very far. It’s very unfinished. It’s a decent starting point if you already know what you are doing. I used that tutorial a long time ago as a base and I got pretty far with it, but I didn’t really have any questions about how to keep going from where it stops.

I’ll definitely have a look at #qc, thanks! :slight_smile:
For now, I’ve been making some progess and I think I can piece most stuff together now :slight_smile:
(Just let me come to the conclusion that I can’t on my own, it’s gonna save you a lot of nerve)

I’ve actually found some discord groups the Trenchbroom site, so I’ll direct all my mapping-related questions towards them.

I hope to release my finished “minimal total conversion” as a basis for others to build upon, once I’ve got everythin in place and threw out all the original assets :slight_smile:

FYI shpuld is always participating in Ludum Dare Jams and is right now again making a game from scratch in FTEQW: