issues with loading maps downloaded by quake injector


I recently downloaded Quake injector and after some fiddling managed to make it run maps. I can happily play quoth 2.2 etc

The problem? Well there are really two. The one which is most annoying: maps must be DIRECTLY in my quake dictionary. They won’t run if they are in a subfolder. I have had to copy them out into the dictionary as a quick fix, but find that if they have custom textures etc. they won’t run. I also hate having a large dump of unorganised .bsp files.

The second issue I have had is with maps titled ‘start’, ie hub maps. When I press play, it causes the hub of vinnila quake to launch instead of the wanted hub. I think this is because it runs the first start.bsp it finds. I’ve again worked around this, by renaming the .bsp and loading it through the quake command box. But when I complete a map it will still send me to the classic hub rather than the custom one.

I think both problems can be fixed by adjusting my configurations. They are the following:

Quake dictionary: steam/steamapps/common/quake/id1/maps (other pathways I have found to not work, causing errors etc.)
Quake executable: winquake.exe (running steam quake with patch for music)
Download dictionary: documents/…/downloads
Working dictionary: at quake executable

If someone can please tell me what to adjust I’d appreciate it. Really want to get into custom quake maps and these issues are a pain to deal with.

I’m no expert but you could make a new Quake directory in the root of your hard drive. Make it c:\Quake or somehting simple with no spaces in the path. Make an id1 folder under Quake and copy your pak0.pak and pak1.pak there. Point the Quake Injector there and you may have some luck.

Winquake is very old and out of date so copy a new modern Quake engine of your choosing to this new Quake directory. I suggest Quakespasm, vkQuake or Mark V.

I have a similar setup and it works perfectly.

Read the readmes for installation instructions. The map packs that come with their own start.bsp need to be placed in their own subdirectory at the \quake root (i.e. not in \id1).

Is this a Steam Quake issue or is it with the CD version as well?
I need a new subfolder for all maps?
But how to start maps then? The console command ‘map’ +mapname does not work then.

Not for all maps. Simple, single maps go in \id1. Maps made for specific mods go in that mod’s folder (e.g. Grendel’s Blade in \ad). Only maps that come with a custom progs.dat or a new start.bsp (like Honey) need to go in their own folder, like a mod. You then run them like a mod, with the +game commandline attribute.

And yes, the same rules apply to all versions of Quake.