It's the Day of Digital Archives

It’s the today and while I have not much to say at the moment, I just want to say that damn, the map archive here is great, especially in combination with the Quake Injector. I’ve been playing random maps and mods recently, just scrolling through the list and hitting install → play. These archives have eradicated the whole aspect of “where might I find a working download” for many Quake files. And I am both thankful and proud for that. The best things are created when you fill your own needs.

Let me update you on current events:

The save is still running. Thankfully the guys there are very patient with us. We will NOT have one file per item at but instead one directory as tarball per item. I will provide a browsable interface anyways so that is no biggie. In fact, that solution keeps the timestamps of the files alive!

The has had about 100 Google searches this month already. The Googlebot is still indexing it like mad. Some people in random forums already found it when looking for deleted information. Pure gratification. I plan to make a nice frontpage for it, also some subforums are inaccessible at the moment.

For some reason the script that should update the page daily totally is not doing so. So here is a quick sum of daily zip downloads from the singleplayer maps archive for the last 6 months: ~80000 downloads, an average of 450 per day. Impressive!

Error has gone AWOL (internet hugs this way) and now is kaputt. necros did not even have his blog properly backed up. Guys, mirror your own stuff, have backups, harddisks are cheap.

I have mostly been uploading to Youtube recently. It is close to 10000 views. Woot!

I still want mods. Give me files!

The “new” site (new frontpage, forum, many things based on the wiki) seems to have killed some community aspects. No one cares about the wiki, I had so high hopes for that and started so many things that went nowhere. How about adding a, some,, some Or maybe some Or maybe you would like to write a proper search function for the maps or an interface for mods and/or multiplayer maps? Know Java?

Digital Archives are awesome and you should start collecting your favourite game’s files TODAY.

Congratulations on all of this, Spirit. You’ve done such a great job over the years. What you do is the equivalent of all those dedicated manuscript collectors who preserved the masterpieces of past ages for us (though maybe not quite as badass - but on the plus side, a library fire stands no chance of burning down Quaddicted!). Cheers.