Launching mod from shortcut help

I’ve been trying to start a mod that I downloaded from Quake Injector. I created a shortcut of quakespasm and have copied the command line from the readme into the end of the ‘Target:’ bar in the shortcut properties. However, I get the error “The name C:\ProgramFiles…quakespasm.exe-heapsize 9600 -game 1000cuts + map start’ specified in the Target box is bot valid. Make sure the path and file names are correct.” I used this topic to try and help but cannot figure out why it is not working. Any help would be appreciated.

you need a space after .exe before -heapsize and NO space after the map command like so:

C:\ProgramFiles…quakespasm.exe -heapsize 9600 -game 1000cuts +map start

also here’s a tip: you can launch Quakespasm as normal and then enter this in the console: game 1000cuts

that will set to the mod directory - then type map start in the console and you should be set

another thing to try is Simple Quake Launcher: takes all the pain away: