Library & Magazine Feed

Surfing this board on the wiki page for physical releases and magazines I came to a big heap.
I remembered buying Malice with a package that came with an issue of Gamer-1998 with two rather large articles for Quake and Malice.
And as I had some other ones from PC-Zone_NL I decided to make some prints of them.

I made some covers of the mission packs, Aftershock, QZone, Phenomenon, and Shrak to fill up the blue pages in the physical release toppic.
If someone is outdated and takes the care to download the file, the “still-to-do-things” list gets a little shorter.
I can easily offer the Qzone maps, as they all are authorized levels.

Problem is my webspace isn’t that sufficient, so for now this one will do.
I won’t save it for ever, so I hope the message comes through.


I have a bunch of old mags with quake stuff in, including a nice preview of quake by CVG. I still have my original full boxed copy of malice, great game!