Linux Question

I’m attempting to play Arcane Dimensions on Linux.

I am using Quakespasm. My base game works perfectly using the command:

quakespasm -basedir ~/my/path/to/id1

I’ve downloaded Arcane Dimensions, unzipped, and placed the “ad” folder into my id1 folder. However, when I attach “-game ad” to the end of my command, it just loads the base game. I’ve also tried going into the console in-game and typing out game ad, but it also just loads the base game. I’ve made sure that my folder and pak files are all lowercase… But can’t seem to get them to work.

Does anyone know the correct way to get this going? Thanks for the help

Don’t place it into id1 folder, but alongside it.

Unless they’re doing it differently on Linux, but I doubt it.

[quote=dwere]Don’t place it into id1 folder, but alongside it.

Unless they’re doing it differently on Linux, but I doubt it.[/quote]

You were correct… Thanks mate

And basedir should be to your Quake directory which itself contains the id1 directory:

quakespasm -basedir ~/my/path/to/quake
quakespasm -basedir ~/my/path/to/quake -game ad

Cross-platform sourceports tend to work on most operating systems likewise. There could be a nuance in the way how does one launch an actual application, but aside from that, the sourceport has own set of tools and commands; therefore, it is not particularly the case of what major operating system of nowadays does one use, but whether one does know how to work with the sourceport itself.

Sourceports indeed can be tricky.

I have just checked out the “vkQuake” engine, which is an adaptation of “Quakespasm” and “Quakespasm-Spiked”, meant for ‘Vulkan’ environment compatibility. Works great under Ubuntu[Wayland].

The sourceport, further offers some minor customizability in the range of video settings, such as particle effects taking after either the software or the GL ‘Quake’ - the same for underwater effects. If you have ever had a problem with v-sync under Linux in regular ‘Quakespasm’ or ‘QSS’, no longer a problem. Anisotropic filtering, antialiasing - multisampling, supersampling, all there. Rocksolid performance. Supports ‘Arcane Dimensions’ special HUDs.

Give it a try.


Ever since the update version “1.11.0” in “vkQuake” engine, I have an error on launch. Perhaps some subsystem of Ubuntu is crashing, because once the thing occurs, all likewise applications, will throw something of such.

The game, would start once, in a quasi-windowed mode; even though it is set to fullscreen. Once I exit, the error loop begins afterwards - the game, would not start anymore, until I reboot - or reset the hypothetical subsystem in question, if I knew what and how to.

The “vkQuake” version “1.10.0-beta3”, works fine.