List of maps officially supported by Quakeinjector that can't load

-All maps of halloween jam 3 except start.bsp
It searches hwj3am_* instead of hwjam3_*

-no map list selection on func_mapjam5

-erroneous map name for retro_mfx_fix, it tries to load retro_mfx_fix.bsp instead of retro_mfx.bsp

-rubicon rumble pack loads always the same map despite selecting different maps

-in Dry Sorrow, even if the map is installed automatically with drake, the launcher doesn’t detect it and asks every time if I want to start anyways

Adding to this.
-Something_Wicked will install to a folder called “wicked”, with Drake mod, while Arcanum will install to a folder called “something_wicked” without the Drake mod, and thus many entities are missing to the point of unplayability. The solution would seem then to make it so Arcanum will install to the “wicked” folder, since downloading Arcanum also installs Something_Wicked automatically

Thanks for the reports. Should all be fixed now. Except maybe RRP - I couldn’t really see anything wrong with the db entry.

Thanks negke!

I also cannot see anything wrong with RRP, make sure you clean your mod folder of that and check what your console says. Maybe your engine is automatically loading a savegame or something?

Thank you negke!
Other errors:

-In funk map jam x for the fairweather map it tries to load jamx_fairweather.bsp instead of jamx_fw.bsp. The same for strangework: jamx_strangework.bsp instead of jamx_strwrk.bsp

-A horse named quake: Couldn’t spawn server maps/mjb_horse.bsp even if the filename is correct

-the travail skins get extracted directly in the main Q1 folder instead of travail/textures/monsters

-in operation urth majik no maplist is selectable

-in quake builder community blockout project the zip is extracted to id1/maps subdir instead of id1

-Now in Dry Sorrow it alerts me that I haven’t installed Wicked, even if i have reinstalled arcanum, something wicked and dry sorrow, and the wicked link in the description is broken

About RRP, I deleted pretty much everything except the pak but that doesn’t change
That’s very strange because from quakeinjector the map is the same, but when I try to load the maps from the console it works

PS. It would be awesome to see an integration of the Keep mod in the injector so that Egyptoagula could be launched directly in the app

I also noticed that most of the maps that don’t work with the quakeinjector is due to the wrong pathing in the zip file. Is it possible to change the zip files to make them compatible with a quakeinjector installation (without the consense of the author)? If yes I would gladly help by making for you updated xml files and zip files that will make all the maps on the list compatible

  • Xmas Jam 2020 is missing the start.bsp map from the list selection

  • couldn’t spawn server pgstart.bsp of phantasmal garrison (v2)

  • Dead Cold Fortress can’t load because it cannot find the pine models in the ad folder, I suggest to change the unzip directory to Xmasjam 2020

fmb_bdg “The Onion” has a typo when it attempts to load in QI. It will attempt to load map “fmb_bgd1” instead of “fmb_bdg1”.

qbb1-revised will erroneously but humorously install to id1’s maps folder.

sm198_fairweather2.bsp missing from the maplist

Xmasjam2021 won’t launch from the injector: “xmasjam2021” instead of “-game xmasjam2021” in database.xml

In “dr57-itsd2-deufel” the link “its_demo_v1_1.html.” its broken, also the file required “” in database.xml does not make sense. There is no html file in the “in the shadows” archive

Christmassy negke fixed them already <3

ad_mfk_dreamdem (v1.1) doesn’t install, stuck at download

thanks, this is a known bug with Quake Injector: … hopefully some brave soul will fix it