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hello I would like to ask you to run new maps for Quake 1. I know the folder with the new map will be uploaded to the Quake folder and I do not know anymore. In the tutorials there is a word about modifying a game name, such as * -game modname * specifically eg.glquake.exe -game quoth. But what is the command line of the game, how to run it, and I have to ascribe the stars as well? thank you for answer


Pick any release from https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ , tell us which operating system you are on (Linux, Windows, Mac?) and which engine (.exe) you use. Then it is easier to explain.


as far as maps are concerned: Bastion of the Underworld, Master Fortress, Something wicked this way, Soul of Evil and more. The system is Windows and the engine is either darkplaces or glquake. Thanks

You have some options to make things very easy to play in Quake. First off is the Quake Injector right here on Quaddicted.


Also you can do a more hands on approach with Simple Quake Launcher. If you place the mods and or maps in the correct folder(s) you can easily launch them with this great program: https://github.com/m-x-d/Simple-Quake-Launcher-2/releases

If you don’t like either of the above options you will have to do things by hand. By making a Windows shortcut. Here’s where you install custom maps:

You should have a Quake directory on your hard drive like this:


Maps (which have the extension .bsp) must be placed inside a “maps” folder. Create one in the id1 folder if it doesn’t already exist. So your directory will look like this:


Unzip custom maps there. Now create a shortcut to glquake.exe and follow the simple directions shown in this GIF:


The command to add to launch a map is: +map mapname

Some commands require a - and some a + In this case +map is the correct method. If you are trying to play a mod you place the mod directory inside of your Quake folder BUT not inside the id1 folder.

In the case of Bastion of the Underworld this is a map AND a mod. So you’ll need to follow the directions in the readme file. I am copying some of it here:


Unzip pak0.pak and autoexec.cfg to quake\bastion\

Start Quake with the command line:

-heapsize 32000 -game bastion +map bastion[/code]

So there you have a lot of details but the important thing is regular old maps go in the maps folder in the id1 directory and mods simply have their own folders inside the Quake directory not id1.

I’m sure there’s much more info that the admins can point you to.


GLQuake is a very old and buggy engine. It’s recommended to use a modern GL port like Quakespasm instead: http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/


this is reported by the following C: \ Users \ Mirek \ Quake \ Quake \ glquake.exe - heapsize 48000 -game marcher + map marcher + skill 0 specifited in the Target box is not valid.Make sure the path and file name are correct.

Thanks for your advice

Hi Viriathus,

are you still having trouble with this? Your last post was a little hard for me to understand, but it sounds like you tried to create a shortcut, and then got the error message [quote]Target box is not valid.Make sure the path and file name are correct.[/quote]
Is that what happened?

I’m not a Windows user, so I’m not the best person to troubleshoot this, but the problem might be that this:

has a lot of extra spaces. It should read

And you need to be sure you are pointing your shortcut in the right direction (in other words, that that really is the location of your Quake folder).

If this doesn’t solve the problem, maybe someone with more knowledge and experience with Windows will have better advice.

Oh, and I second the suggestion to switch to Quakespasm. Even if you get things working for now, you’re making things unnecessarily difficult for yourself in the long run by sticking to an outdated engine. I vaguely recall reading that Kinn actually made sure that Marcher could run under Winquake/glquake (which is pretty incredible, given its size and complexity), but you’re not going to have much joy with modern releases in general unless you use a modern engine.