long term Plan to play all available maps

Ya know with the recent things in the pc gaming market and Qc not being as great as I imagined it to be, i was wandering around Quaddicted and thought to myself:

How long would it take to finish ALL custom community made maps for Quake available on Quaddicted ?

Should install the whole Archive of maps and the required mods ( if they have ) on my SSD and have a huuh amount of fun for the rest of my life ? Do you people think It’d be a good idea?

I also would like to rate every map.

and i need the link for the whole archive…

It would certainly take a LONG time considering there are, what, 1000+ releases and many of them containing multiple maps. Some maps take five minutes to play, others up to 30 or sometimes even 60+ minutes. So playing every single map is quite an undertaking to say the least.

Im gonna commit to it no matter how long it takes.

Play them in reverse chronological order so there’s a chance you’ll get to mine before death takes you. :wink:

Lol I dare you to play all of them back to back. Livestream it.

I’m playing all maps with an editor’s rating of 4/5 or higher or a user rating of 3.3/5 or higher in chronological order. I started about a year ago, and I’m about two thirds of the way in. I’ve played around 500 releases in total. It’s been a blast so far, and quality gets better and better. :slight_smile:

Heck yeah!

How far in are you now?

What they didn’t mention was they were doing it instead of working or going outside, so I’m sure they’re probably stuck in some horrific neurotic prison like in Requiem for a Dream. Nobody said Quake would be easy.

Kanye, if that was for me: I just played Willem’s https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/whiteroom.html. I have two releases left to play from 2008.

So only eleven more years of maps to go. Lol

Well I’m now down to the 1, 2 star and DM maps…and have ummmm -156? to go :slight_smile:

Welcome Yuccaz. You rated 1372/~1216 releases, -156 to go.

Difficult to rate DM maps on your own, I’m now playing through the classics again, Beyond Belief shall do nicely YAY!!

That’s impressive. 156 is more than half the total releases I’ve played.

Oh dear, who wrote this software… https://github.com/SpiritQuaddicted/Quaddicted-reviews/search?utf8=✓&q=1216&type= :smiley:

Fixed in https://github.com/SpiritQuaddicted/Quaddicted-reviews/commit/4022f842ddce37c975e8a03761b46008f474df96

Nice one, thanks for the fix Spirit :slight_smile:

Welcome Yuccaz. You rated 1383/1454 releases, 71 to go.

Also noticed a few links going to a yummyumm! page -


Hey, Sp00n, everything going according to plan? I’m about to play the last map from 2012. Only 7 years’ worth of maps to go :slight_smile:

I have passed all the maps in the http://www.quaddicted.com/ Some of them for many times. First dowload for the lust time I passed through the collection was downloaded at 5 march 2016. It was the day I formated c: and started download and play the maps again.
There is one only map I couldnt pass! It is too dificult for me, it is
middle middle.zip - The Middle Evil
It is perfect work. I love this map in 1997, and I love it now! I know one russian champion Mpa3b, who passed it for me and made demo. But even he didnt do it without saving and loading as one peace of cake.

Prior to 2010 I attempted to play all released maps for Heretic and Hexen including !HZone. It took me 2 to 3 years to play them all and I didn’t play them everyday. After I stumbled upon Magic and Mayhem for Heretic I gave up. I assume Quake has just as much maps as that. I assume it could take about 2 to 4 years to play them all. By the way, if you start playing all the Doom maps today, and play them normally, it would take you more than 30 years to finish. Quake has a lot of maps, but it doesn’t have that many.

Progress report: Finished maps from July 2017, about to start August 2017. Switched to playing all maps (instead of only those with good ratings) when playing maps from 2016, since there aren’t really many bad maps released recently.

EDIT: Hmm, it seems I’ve actually played all maps from 2014 onwards. Apparently I picked up all the ones I had left out from the previous couple of years when I made the switch to playing everything at the 2016-year mark. I plan to reach further back to unearth more esoteric stuff once I run out of newer maps. Wonder when that will be…

I just finished the last 2018 map. 2019 next!