Looking for a Map I Played Some Time in 2017/2018

Back some time in 2017/2018 I played a map that I can’t remember the name of.
Here’s some stuff I can barely remember about it,
*you were outside
*it was daytime
*there was a buttfuck amount of enemies everywhere
*there was a big city(?) with big walls around it (I believe you had to kill enough enemies to get in?)
*there was a fast firing missile launcher, which was a red version of the grenade launcher
*There was a bunch of custom enemies
*after doing a specific thing a couple dragons would spawn in
*there was a bridge behind you to the left of the walled in city you could drop down to get to a secret
*you spawned in front of the city walls off to the side with the city facing your left. Like this > https://imgur.com/hWeOd5r
Sorry if the English is all mangled or unnatural, I’m like half-asleep

Sounds like the first map of Unforgiven (https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/unforgiven.html)

It is, thanks! I must’ve only played that map due to somehow installing the whole mod incorrectly because I do not remember the other maps nor the start map at all, only the Ring-Fortress map.

It happened to me too, with this exact map. Except I remember playing the map from the screenshot. But they weren’t connected in my mind.