Looking for a map

Having played all the five star maps and most of the four stars, I’ve been replaying some of my favorites. Indeed, I don’t know how many times I’ve played Something Wicked, and the Marcher Fortress is always fun. But there’s one map I cannot find, because I can’t remember what it’s called.

The main area of the map is a very large rectangular courtyard (for lack of a better description) filled with outbuildings (including at least one tower) and crisscrossed with canals; I can’t recall if they have water or lava in them. The “left” side of the courtyard area, and the far end, have a kind of balcony or open gallery above the courtyard floor, but buildings line the “right” side of the courtyard. When you enter, the entry room is connected to a sort of second story balcony overlooking the courtyard, and scrags are the first opponent (I think).

Does anyone know what I’m remembering here? I’d really like to replay this one.

Sounds like Tronyn’s map from Zerstorer Jam.

THANK YOU! I could not figure that out. I don’t know how many of my downloaded maps I looked at, but I actually skipped that set because I thought it was a standalone map. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

Okay, so I’ve just replayed it, and discovered I never actually played it before. You see, the progs.dat and pak0.pak are zipped as PROGS.DAT and PAK0.PAK, and I’m a Linux user, so the uppercase files didn’t load… when I played this the first time, it was populated only with standard Quake monsters. Still a challenge, but a different challenge.

So did you miss the Nemesants? :slight_smile:

Is that what those nasties are called? Yeah. Turns out you can’t open the final door in the level if you’re not running the Zerstorer code, but by then all the challenges are done. When you run it without Zerstorer, all the scrags that are supposed to just “appear” are THERE, in the sky, waiting to notice you. So the later challenges are less, but the earlier challenges are actually maybe harder.

I do not like the Zerstorer weapons, honestly, especially the big blue gun that cares how long you hold the trigger. Otherwise, I’m good with it.