Looking for EARLY multiplayer/CTF Quake 1 maps.

Hi All, I’m an old school quake 1 TWCTF/CTF/DM player and I’m looking for something very old.
When the first CTF mod Pak came out for quake 1 there were some maps made for it that I’m trying to find. In this first CTF mod they used Keys instead of flags if that helps with the time line of what I’m looking for. I don’t believe these maps were made by Zoid/Panda but it could be wrong. I originally found them online when it got the first CTF mod pak. I downloaded them with a group of multiplayer/ctf maps. I never saw these maps used on an online CTF/TWCTF/DM quake servers. I only ever played them on my local machine against the computer bots. This was all before it discovered it could play quake online (back in the 14.4 modem days). Once it discovered that and started to play DM it lost interest in my local games/maps and continued to play Quake 1 DM/CTF/TWCTF for the next 15+ years. I’d love to find these maps again but it have no idea where or how other than to keep asking on forums like this hoping someone remembers. I still keep up with my TWCTF community but sadly none of them know the maps I’m talking about but most of them came into the quake 1 scene later than it did.

The maps are not part of the CTF1/9, TWCTF1/9, CTF2m#, DM, rocket arena, e#m#, or TF series.
They were specific to Capture the flag as each had a base which was mirrored on the other side with red/blue colors to determine which base you were in.
They had pedistals for the keys (keys were converted to flags in the final CTF released pak)
it’s possible it was only used in NetQuake.

One of the maps I remember was a very large single room with lots of crates on the floor with walk ways between them like a maze. On either end was an elevated room/look out area where the key was located. I believe there was an elevator/platform going up to it. I believe the room was bright, white walls. The crates were the normal brown color. I don’t remember any power ups on the map.

The other map, I do not remember the main part only the flag room. The entrance to the flag room is large and opened. The floor was sloped down to a single pedestal with the key on it. There was a wooden walk way around 3 sides of the room with stain glass windows on the 3 walls. The ceiling was opened to the sky with a ledge up high you could use the grapple hook to get to. Off the main flag room was one door/stairs that lead down to a small room with armor and I believe the other base had health instead of armor.

This is all I can remember of these maps. I remember I had probably 7 maps designed for CTF play but were before CTF became popular. Any help finding these maps would be grately appreciated.

Clan RaVage

I have also been loooking for the same old CTF setup. Would be great fun to have classic CTF server like that up and running! Those memories!

search there maybe http://quakerepo.net/

http://www.quakeone.com will help u with everything you need. if you get all ur stuff working. crctf.clanhdz.com
we get games going here and there.

Clan Rums FTP is still up , and its got the older CTFBOT mods which I believe the version 0399 has all the 3wave stuff built in including the maps: ftp://ftp.clan-rum.org/quake/bots/

Did you ever find the old maps?!

I’m 5 years late with this. I do remember the maps and remember you too. Played Thunderwalker as Tahli (C&M). Still playing today - ctf every thursday night and FFA on Fridays. I still suck. :slight_smile: