Looking to make a level selection hub in Quark

Hello, for a few of the awesome map jams on here, I want to create a level selection hub a la Arcane Dimensions (but VERY, VERY simple, as in, 8-12 portals just standing in a room and when you move close to them you get a text prompt telling you which map you’re about to changelevel to.
I know quake injector exists but I’d rather do it this way.

I have Quark and have the physical aspects of the map set up - the room and the archways with portals are all there, but i have no idea how to apply the changelevel entity to the portals… and I’m guessing that the trigger_secret function is what shows the on screen text alerts but I don’t know. I know nothing about this stuff, am flying completely blind. I made a map for Half Life some 20 years ago but nothing since then. Help is appreciated, thank you.

Hey mastema88.
That is an obvious attempt but possible. Just remember it isn’t just like a levelchange to another map.
You are standing in a start map > go to another map > end the level with another changelevel > to start.
There are some things involved like the func_episodegate and func_bossgate, which are no commen argues in Quark.
This is the thing that makes up the Rune gathering and opening the end gate.

But for simple things like a hubmap with different teleporters it doesn’t seem that hard.
I once made one for my own mission pack, and it was more complex than I thought.
Here is an example map, if you have any questions, ask again.


Thank you!

It could be a good idea to find out how ID1 did it with the hub from the start.map.