Map Jam 7 Crashing Issue

Hi all,

I recently downloaded Map Jam 7 to play through and 2 of the maps are crashing the game on me. This one required Quoth so I made sure I had the latest Quoth and the latest Quakespasm engine. However, it still dumps me out when I do certain things in these maps. It just says “Program Error”

Anyone else run into this?

Which maps? I haven’t played them all yet.

Bloughsburgh and Newhouse’s maps. The rest run just fine.

I had no problem with them in QS 0.92. Do you have any mod installed that may mess with QS? What are those “certain things” that you do which cause the crashes?

I’m not sure, I guess I would need to know what mods may mess with the QS.

Basically in Newhouse’s lvl, it’s just entering the lvl. Once I try to leave the vents, it just crashes. On Bloughburghs lvl, it crashes when I get about halfway through and drop through a golden ring. For both I get the same dump out error:

call2 657(sub_UseSpecificTarget)sub_UseSpecificTarget()
subs.qc : sub_UseTargets
subs.qc : sub_UseTargets
triggers.qc : multi_trigger
triggers.qc : multi_use
subs.qc : sub_useSpecificTarget
subs.qc : sub_useTargets

Then it repeats all of those lines several times until it says this:

stack overflow
Host_Error: Program error

Obviously there is something not being triggered correctly here within the programming, but I have no idea how to fix it…

Well this goes beyond my knowledge. If someone more tech-savvy doesn’t chime in, the best advice I could give is to try again on a clean QS install. I’ve only added QRP textures and NightFright’s Authentic Model Improvement Collection to mine and it works like a charm.

I love your YT videos, BTW.

Thanks for trying buddy! I was actually recording the map jam for the show but I don’t know if I can upload a video with 2 crashing maps. If no one else knows, I will try a clean install of QS tomorrow when I have time.

Cool! Looking forward to watching it. And you’re welcome. I wish I could be of more help. Cheers!


Looks like my map crashes when you go through the rings which is a mapobject_custom entity. I am guessing that is only available on Quoth 2.2?

That is what it looks like at first glance. I know MikeTaylor had an issue with Kreathor’s map which was due to not having the patch installed. Check that along with a fresh install as well!

Hey Bloughsburgh! Yea, I was starting to really get into your map and then it just crashed on me when I (surprise) went through a ring. I had no idea there was a 2.2! The site that comes up on google labels 2.1 as the latest. I will give it a shot, thanks for the info.

Yeah, I responded to you in YT comments. The door problem and Vending Machines not working are caused by not having Quoth 2.2.
Here you have proper site to download from:
I don’t know if you gonna replay my map, but if so try using all vending machines now, to get easier life :smiley:

You can grenade a farting guy in a toilet wink wink

…and take a look into all boxes in a room with a flashlight to get a surprise wink wink 2

Ha, thanks khreathor! I will definitely be replaying through your map. It’s not fair to show it off in that fashion and not rectify the situation. I look forward to checking out the proper version of it!

On a side note, it might be a good idea to update the readme in the map jam zip to mention Quoth 2.2, or we could update the install from Quake Injector.

I think I could still hear the farts after I blew up the person responsible and revisited the room. Gave me goose bumps. Gastrointestinal distress staying with you in the afterlife is a scary thought.

yes, I forgot to turn them off after you kill this guy hahahaha :smiley: …or maybe… it’s a ghost ? :open_mouth:

Ghost farts!?!?

They shall forever haunt these gloomy corridors, helping anyone who dares to enter the toilet to relieve themselves much faster.