Map packs in quakeinjector

Why mappacks are not showing in that tool? Because of it site users don’t have a chance to stumble upon some great maps, like in speemap pack sm40, sm82 or smqe08d_pack.

Please enable packs in the app!

Many of the speedmapping packs are not yet set up for the Injector, because they have/had low priority compared to ‘proper’ releases. We haven’t gotten to it, yet - not least because it’s quite a bit of work for little gain, as most of the early SM sessions only produced deathmatch maps anyway.

Yeah, 129 of 249 sm releases are missing their startmaps (bsp files that are inside) which are required for the injector to launch.

If you want to add them, I could make you an editor account. It’s simply pasting the comma-separated list of bsp file names.

That would be great! And I suppose it could be somehow scripted instead of repeating same thing 129 times.