Mapas para Quake

Could someone go through and tell me if there are maps that we are missing? I added (from the .7z) so far.

c2000 has been quaddictified ™.

Had a quick-ish look through that list, and the following maps seem to be missing from Quaddicted:

bellesh.rar – The Bellesh Base by Cristian Martínez

kill.7z – Kill 'em All (Mátalos a Todos) by Daniel Gómez (Ratón)

torre.rar (La Torre Abandonada) by Daniel Gómez (Ratón)

It would be good if someone else could also have a look, in case I missed something.

Looked at it too, apart from what you two have found, add ‘‘teacups.rar’’ to the list, as that isn’t on Quaddicted either.

That’s some repack of

Thanks guys!