Mapping for Quake: TrenchBroom 2 Quickstart

I spent the weekend creating a tutorial for TrenchBroom 2. Newb friendly!
Find it here on YouTube

Wow, that is very well done.

Thanks Spirit. I owned my own marketing company for 7 years so I have a lot of great video gear and experience. I am also a professional video editor. This is the first in a series of planned videos. I am glad to have a way to give back to the community.

Thanks, that’s a great tutorial. As a non-mapper, I found it both informative and easy to follow.

Here’s a new episode of the tutorial series. This one covers troubleshooting common compiling errors.

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Here’s the YouTube playlist for the entire series: This will be updated each time a new tutorial is posted. So make sure and subscribe to the channel if you are interested.

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hi, i’d like to use the Q2 engine, can you tell me how to configure out?

I created a “Ready-to-Use” Quake Level Design Starter Kit based on

You can clone it or download a ZIP release.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this. GG!

I sent you a reply. I am not too experienced with Quake 2 mapping. But we’ll figure it out.

Also try these compilers :

thank you guys, you’re super!

i’m sorry if i’m lil annoing, i’m using trenchbroom on linux, do you know if there is a linux quake1 compiling gui similar to the necros’, around the web? yhank you again :))

I am slowly making my way towards my first map.
Thank you for your efforts and time.


Sorry AFAIK there are no GUIs for Linux but you can use TrenchBrooms’ built-in system. I taught the GUI way because that’s the system I knew best and the compiling system in TrenchBroom may change eventually. I like the GUI better as you can toggle options on and off without having to set up a bunch of presents.


You can use the Trenchbroom’s gui to compile your map. There’s some information in the manual and the ericw site’s documentation also helps. I’ll paste my settings so you can have a better idea of the whole thing (and maybe copy it):

Name: Exemple
Working directory: /home/vaf/qmap/id1/working

(First task)
Export map

(Second task)
Run tool
Tool: /home/vaf/qmap/id1/tools/ericw-tools-v0.18-Linux/bin/qbsp
Parameters: ${MAP_BASE_NAME} ${MAP_BASE_NAME}.bsp

(Third task)
Run tool
Tool: /home/vaf/qmap/id1/tools/ericw-tools-v0.18-Linux/bin/vis
Parameters: ${MAP_BASE_NAME}.bsp

(Fourth task)
Run tool
Tool: /home/vaf/qmap/id1/tools/ericw-tools-v0.18-Linux/bin/light
Parameters: -soft -extra4 ${MAP_BASE_NAME}.bsp

Note that I add -soft and -extra4 to the light tool. Bounce is often recommended too.

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