Mapping "see-trigger"? has a map that embraces a very interesting mechanic, based on seeing an object, act as a trigger; I believe this is how it works, at least. Very much an ‘Antichamber’-like gameplay quality; pretty mindfuck-inducing, which is a good thing in my dictionary. The question is, does ‘Trenchbroom’ include such a “see-trigger” tool - which would be, to swipe a crosshair or a screen-center over an object, in order to invoke a response - or is it a custom script the map in question, uses?

That Jam used progs_dump which indeed has a trigger_look entity. However, I am not 100% sure that was implemented when this mod was made. so there might be something else going on in that map.

Here’s a video about progs_dump version 2. We are working on v3 right now.

Get the progs_dump devkit here:

Check out the progs_dump manual here:

Vanilla Quake checks facing angle ±90° if a trigger has “angles” specified

Just recently I was checking out on some tweaking questions regarding a game that has “see-triggers” tied to field of view and that supposedly was a reason why the field of view, could not legitimately be altered; still, one can theoretically have a wider basic “fov” with “see-triggers” tied to a smaller “fov” value within the defined basic - say, even half of it or less. Well, one could even have “see-triggers” bigger than the basic “fov”, but that would make less sense, I guess. The crosshair-based mechanics - even though perhaps requiring more precision, depending on the size of a target and the distance to it - allow extra for some potentially interesting gameplay features, in my opinion. In the end, there could be both methods available to a mapper, why not? If to think about it, is the crosshair-based solution, not just a variant of the “fov”'-based solution?

Congrats on your devkit, @‘dumptruck_ds’!

Speaking of the “see-trigger” expansions of all sorts, how would you fight a monster in ‘Quake’, that becomes invincible when you aim at it - which is, when you “see-trigger” it actively? On the other hand, there could be an entity - a monster or a mobile geometry complex - which would neutralize and disappear when aimed at, but reactivate soon after the “see-trigger” is off - with possible offset time, depending on the difficulty setting.

Sounds like it would be functionally similar to enemies that attempt to dodge your attacks (Skaarj in Unreal), except much less transparent.
It’s also worth mentioning that the dynamic map geometry tricks in “Twisted Strings” are directly inspired by “Afraid of Monsters”, so you should check it out if you liked Bloodshot’s take on it.

If you argue that such entities would decrease the transparency of gameplay and clarity of rules within the game, then I am willing to just agree with you. I thought this could make for a nice puzzle mechanics, though. I mean, it is not something that I am willing - or having the capability - to do myself, right? Just throwing ideas.

I do not particularly recall the map names, but I assume the map that I referred to in the starter post, must be the map by ‘Bloodshot’ you mention. What about the other; “Twisted Strings”?


I would call the trick in question beyond simply dynamic geometry. Moving pieces in the mapscape is enough to be called dynamic geometry, if sufficient in both quality and quantity. When map becomes surreal and abstract in terms of progress, that is how I call it: surreal, hyperdimensional or absurd - good absurd.

“Twisted Strings” is Bloodshot’s map from Insomnia Jam.
“Afraid of Monsters” is a total(ish) conversion for Half-Life.

Ah, sorry, I have no access to that at the moment, but thanks for the info and for the recommendation.