Maps like E4M8: The Nameless City

Mainly ones that use the same textures (green cityx_y id ones). The closest I can think of atm in terms of atmosphere is Shadow over Innsmouth but it uses a mainly wood-based texture theme iirc. Are there any quality maps that focus on those particular textures?

Ah yes, of course, I forgot about those classics. I’ve played Honey and Requiem. A little different from what I’m looking for though, any outdoor/city-themed ones? Looks like there’s one in the Honey mapjam that I missed.

You may enjoy “Swamp & Towne” and “Ontranto” by Robert Cruickshank:

IIRC, Swamp & Towne was inspired by Village of Dread, and Ontranto is a map pack that includes the maps from S&T along with a few new ones. They don’t exclusively use green textures, so they may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but IMO they’re pretty good old-school medieval maps.

Thanks, I’ll give that one a try. I’m sure I will like Ontranto better than the novel I assume it’s named after, which, despite being the first of a genre I have a fondness for, is a bit tedious imo. :wink:

Thank you for the map suggestions. I also like that theme the most.